Mask or No Mask? Luke and Tim Debate.

Mask or No Mask? Luke and Tim Debate.

In this video Luke and Tim get into some of the ways different sectarian groups around the world are dealing with the sickness as well as the political debate between VP Pence and Bill DeBlasio.

Stay tuned because at about the halfway point, Luke and TIm begin another one of their fierce debates. So whose side are you on this time? Let us know on social media. ImWithLuke or TeamTim?

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  1. Why such of a big discussion on masks in the comments? Does it really matter? Wear a mask or dont! The whole discussion steals light from the real problem here! The C-virus and who or why they released it!

    You can still be affected by it through your eyes should we all be wearing eyeprotection aswell?

    People need to focus on what matters most! The release of the virus and the amazing timing of it!

  2. They don't have the right to detain all of us against our will without declaring Marshall Law. If you get harassed by law enforcement turn your camera on, be polite, and stand firm as you recite your fourth amendment rights. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to talk to them if they approach you. If you are not committing a real crime, they cannot force you to tell them who you are.

  3. You’re not thinking this through… masks cause your body to be deprived of oxygen which lowers your immune system. As well the masks facilitate the collection of bacteria & viral loads which you then inhale all day long…. furthermore, the doctor video from CA that you mentioned was taken down, they specifically proved in detail how masks are not healthy and they themselves don’t wear masks…. as well, other cultures that naturally wear masks are for protection against inhaling pollution, and has nothing to do with protection against illness.

  4. Luke they dont have testing or numbers. You can't use any of these numbers as an argument for anything anymore. The science is GARBAGE. No controls, the variables are out of control. The lockdown was NONSENSE! Immediately nullified as soon as you enter a grocery store. Your argument for wearing a mask for fear of corona is comparable to women wearing hijabs because Allah will strike them down otherwise. Women die all the time without hijabs on so it must be allahs punishment right?

  5. It is the same thing with the vaccines, if you get the vaccine and feel you are protected, who cares if the person next to you isn’t. Just like the mask, if you feel you would get sick or if you are immune compromised then wear the mask. Government is overstepping. Politicians aren’t even practicing what they preach, that is a dead give away. Your friend is correct it is unhealthy to wear those masks.

  6. Does Luke not read the CDC guidelines on how to diagnose somebody with covid-19? Yeah the lockdown did not save anyting the lockdown makes it worse Luke is not in the medical field Luke does not know what he's talking about Luke is a idiot.
    if luke keeps talking stupid and anti medical I'm going to stop following him… he's anti-science anti medical and clearly does not understand virons

  7. Luke is wrong he wants to FORCE BY POLICE WITH GUNS ..FORCE healthy people tO wear masks
    .. in public Luke does not understand viruses just like most normies don't and definitely mainstream media doesn't. The blind is leading the blind we are clearly in the world of the movie "literocracy"

  8. The mainstream “news” is all bull$shit… they make things up as they go. They have their own rules. Basically everything they push, do the OPPOSITE! It’s all an illusion… fear-mongering to remove more freedoms. It’s NOT healthy to limit oxygen intake with a mask… it’s ridiculous, and any “education” coming from the Rockefeller medical cartel, is part of the problem. Definitely, with Tim, on this one! Luke really doesn’t seem to understand that the world’s a stage. They got him with their fear-mongering. We have a right to our bodily autonomy — and, breathing freely.

  9. Yeah Luke need to consider the possibility of this plandemic being fake. I for one do not believe the C V at all, too many BS since the beginning, there's an agenda, everything as far as NWO and the bible is falling in place just as described. We will not get along, division is working, try to unstuck a bit Luke! Let it go, you don't know, you gave your opinion but now get over it please!

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