Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

Play the Beta first on PS4. Pre-Order for Beta Access at ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: …


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  1. I like to see a few movie of Marvel Advengers movie about made a devise the black guy with a patch on his eye that accidently goes to a strange universe plant that has the Charactors being all females age 35 & a half year olds but the invisible man being more than one that goes to the planet where they are mostly males , but the invisible man believes in many women , & feel he belongs with the invisible woman so he steals her on his own planet , and hand cuffs her in a basement & she gets pregnant with triplets , and he doesn't believe in females with power because he believes they stop good people from being good Christian's & believes that the English are having them free because they are saving them for themselves after a holocaust on a June First early morning & don't want to give the Koreans & the English and the English dark blacks with way more power being together , so he tries to make many babies with her of his own kind . She never found , locked up & he might die while his group hunts him down to follow where he might of put her if he has her s/o in their mind of the Charactor's . The babies in hiding & never found while growing up & as he maybe die for no one not going along with rape not a crime with females 10 years apart soon as the females being age 20 years old , or he lives with them at a secret place with the kids & pretend they died from a fire when never did & no one ever knows if his beliefs are true in the few movies being this way .

  2. I've just unlocked tony stark ..and I got to put this out there..but the game to me is great ,nice combat ..good moves to unlock I'm only playing on normal mode I have no interest in playing online just the campaign and dlcs but I've only died a few times so far and haven't felt it to Grindy at all I really like the game looking forward to the black panther dlc..

  3. enough is enough it took too long for the X-Men to enter the marvel cinematic universe combine that with other traumas that I've been through and other people that I'm supposed to be after this dentist appointment today I'm going to kill my family and just kind of leave town I'm tired should have give me the X-Men and I should have been the one to direct them I need to do fat fetish p*** so I could make X-Men movies it's too late got to kill my family now

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