Marvel Venom Movie 2018 Review: NOT A Bad Movie! (NO SPOILERS)

Marvel Venom Movie 2018 Review: NOT A Bad Movie! (NO SPOILERS)

Marvel’s 2018 movie “Venom” was released on Friday, October 5th 2018 in the United States to widespread panning from a large percentage of movie critics. However, as is the case many times, there is a gulf between professional movie-watchers and the casual fan. For myself, as a casual fan, this movie was not bad at all. Quite enjoyable actually, although far from perfect. Are there other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that are better than this? Sure. Is this movie better than others? Absolutely.

Check out the video above for my full review and synopsis of Venom!


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  1. agreed! just saw the movie. venom is a decent movie. tom hardy was great as eddie brock. never read the comic books, but brock here stayed as brock and was never corrupted by the symbiote, unlike topher grace's. this one showed a real relationship between brock and venom. it would be interesting to see a sequel with other symbiotes jumping in, or maybe even a spiderman crossover VS carnage. an overall entertaining movie that's taking unnecessary diss akin to affleck's daredevil.

  2. The movie was really funny and action packed it was so good me and my wife felt Mike the movie was only 45 minutes. my only complaint is I wish it would have been longer I give it a solid 9 out of 10.
    I was wondering why it was so many Asian people everywhere you are the only one I've heard talk about how Sony did that intentionally & that makes so much sense. I think the movie was great but you keep talking about the MCU which this movie was NOT apart of because of copyright infringement issues. Overall the movie was sabotaged "unsuccessfully" by Lady Gaga fans and Rotten Tomatoes who is owned by ABC.

  3. I disagree with you on a lot of your politics my man but I totally agree with you on this, Idk why people are hating on this one so hard.

    One thing though, this is a Sony movie, not an MCU movie. The X-Men movies are Fox movies, not MCU movies. Marvel does have a deal with Sony and Spider-Man so there's a chance we might see Venom crossover into the MCU (maybe if we scream for it loud enough) but as far as we know it's not apart of the MCU.

    Definitely better than The Incredible Hulk, definitely better than Thor The Dark World.

  4. It was Average.
    I believe the most honest review I have read so far is:
    Just went into #Venom with really low expectations and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
    The story around Eddie is a bit weak at times, the villain is forgettable, the female lead sucks but Tom Hardy did great.
    And they NAILED Eddie and Venom's relationship.
    I agree that about sums it up.
    Which is also the problem.
    *The villain being forgettable.
    *The Female Lead Sucks.
    *The Story is a bit weak.
    Bad Venom. Bad. Those should not exist.
    No cookie for you.
    Though If you're a 90's kid- this movie is right out of the pages of the "Venom: Lethal Protector" comics.
    Not a perfect movie: but not even close to how bad 0R Good, internet reviews have made it seem.

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