Man discovers underground tunnels below his 500-year-old family home

A man discovered dozens of underground tunnels and hidden rooms underneath his family home. Sussex property developer Freddy Goodall was looking ...

13 thoughts on “Man discovers underground tunnels below his 500-year-old family home

  1. First I don't believe it. The ladder looks new even tho its made to look old. The wood looks too good. Even if 100yrs old. You wouldn't use it.

    I think they were known about the whole time but now there's plans to sell the house or he just wanted some footage. Insane rich kid with no life goals but social media story. True white privilege and squandered story. Not that you have to be white to get it. Its not white privilege. Its just parental privilege most whites do not have it.

    But if this guys ancestry was traced back I bet his family is one who did profit from others misery and still today profits from others misery.

    They got that olde money life. You hear them talk proudly about old money well who's money was it. Off who's backs was it.

    Yet just cos I'm white i get lumped in with him. But I get not one of the benefits from it. My family were coal miners and factory robots. Liked drugs and drink and one more baby was never enough.

    But I have some sort of privilege please show me where it is cos I am miserable. Can't you tell. Lol.

    I think Jaden Smith took my privilege for himself bcos damn that is one hella privileged person and isn't white so what gives. Oh yeah the parent does.

    You either got successful parents who will make you successful. Or you don't. It doesn't matter who you are what you look like. Infact the vast majority of slave owners were not white.

    These people don't know history at all. Nor do I. But for that subject I did atleast try to start at the beginning.

    Either the bible which clearly says God taught humans how to enslave each other. Not white in the bible are they.

    But better yet start with

    3000 years a history of slavery.

    That clearly tells you how Africa got into and out of the trades.

    White people didn't start it. They did it end it though. They still are trying to end it though.

    Research modern slavery and bang your drums at them. But if you must bang on at white people this mofo is a likely candidate as are any politicians generation's in the west.

    The 1% not the vast majority who were peasants then and still are today. Leave me out of it like I always was.

    My ancestor's were probably slaves too. Just without the title working in the poor houses same thing.

    I'm tired of anti white world so sick of it. I often research the facts.

    I've seen the Indian population still in India. Ignored by all.

    I've seen the African white populations opresresed today and nobody helps them. Even the children. Nobody cries for them. Wears a red nose and sends them money.

    I've heard about the Ottoman empire playing a huge huge part in the African trade but I cannot find anything on where those people are today. Where their future generations are today. The ones sent deep into Asia and Middle East.

    I only found the Indian population whats left of them plus many more who recently immigrated there. How they are treated today and how they first arrived in India.

    Somalians had a reputation for being the best slaves they toot their own horn too. With pride. They took great pride in their work. Go see. Somalians walked to India free. Gave themselves to the Indian royalty telling the sultan we are the finest slaves please take us. The sultan accepted. Or whoever he was.

    3000 years a history of slavery needs to be taught in schools. Bcos the pop culture version is trash and at its worst is just a blink in the story.

    I've asked myself afew times if I was African and my king was selling me anyway and I was at the beach waiting watching the ships come. I would be on my knees praying please lord let me be a farmer. Let the western ship get here first.

    I dont want to be a cage fighter or sex worker please lord. Like many who were sent elsewhere where are their stories today. Nobody gave them a voice. Where are they. Thats what we should be asking.

  2. Clickbait. „…discovers underground tunnels“ – and why are these „secret“ tunnels fully equipped with permanently installed LED-lights and modern waterpipes??!!

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  4. Makes you wonder whats under our own homes if we dug down .. Maybe an Egyptian mummy and tomb, a lost tribe, a Roman villa still with furnishings intact, stolen artwork or treasures worth millions.

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