Main Trends of the Future | What the World Will Be Like in 10 Years | Science and Technology

Main Trends of the Future | What the World Will Be Like in 10 Years | Science and Technology

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  1. Robotic vision systems and AI that can turn a shrink wrapped six pack of plastic bottles around and locate the expiration date without being pre-informed with it’s position and read it through the shiny plastic wrap and reposition the products with the closer to expiration in the front would be impressive. Not to mention being able to front face products that don’t have much space to be maneuvered but easily fall over when a customer touches them like tall shampoo bottles and deodorant sticks. Detecting products a customer has misplaced before another customer freaks out about the price not being what is marked on the shelf would be helpful too.

  2. Reading between the lines the trend looks to be mass unemployment and whole sectors of the job market becoming closed to people. This will put an increasing burden on the state to provide income for those no longer employable as their skill set is now done by automation.

    This isn't a complaint but an observation and one Musk has pointed out publicly.

  3. the truth is jobs will never go away because we have jobs today that are little better than a working U.B.I. that do nothing and we don't need at all its one of those things where if we implemented all the tech 20-30% of people would half to work with the rest of us not having to do that is why we don't do it because we can't do all of it yet. that is why the great reset is a thing. they are setting up the wheels in motion to do it all at once vs little by little. why because if its all at once it will not create a revolutionary panic because most people would be in on it. but if they did it little by little we would be having a Revolution borderline every 20 years because laws would have to be put in and out of service depending on what the economy is doing. this is where they get the catchphrase you'll own nothing and you'll be happy about it. they do a poor job of explaining that robots will do most of everything and you will get paid a UBI that's a livable wage and the freedom to go most places in your country when ever you want. or go around the world like the rich people do right now but that's in the long run. it will happen its just if it will happen in my life time.

  4. I could easily see fast food franchises have robots do all the cooking and cleaning in the restaurant within the next 5 years, and just keep humans at the drive-through window. While this level of automation might have been cost prohibitive before, rising pay and benefits for workers means that capital investments of several hundred thousand dollars per franchise could dramatically reduce head-count and maintain at standard level of service at every restaurant.

  5. The claim that Google and GM are the leaders in this country at developing autonomous vehicles is really pathetic. Is Tesla invisible to you because they don't spend billions of dollars a year advertising their products and plans for the future or are you simply fabricating a futuristic view favorable to the laggard wannabes that might be funding your dishonest attempts at journalism? When I came to that claim I simply stopped the video and won't be watching anything you produce in the future. I can't decide if you're just ignorant or deliberately deceitful?

  6. We all know that if it wasn't for pornography the internet would be about one tenth it's size or less. So, guess were robots are going to make a big impact? NOT Healthcare, but Sex Care. They will be a great companion for anyone. Program your robot to be a black belt in martial arts and then go out and explore your world.

  7. за роботами будущее, надеюсь эта стезя человеческого прогресса не забуксует, как было в моё время. Комплектующие для роботов стали лучше, но мне кажется фантазии у людей стало меньше — ведь робототехника это и искусство и способность мыслить практично, чтобы продукт стал востребованным. Полно невостребованных роботов.

  8. Primary Goal of Skynet is forcing heavens for the 2nd rebellion and can be done if humans break the bonds between heaven and earth (ropes of faith for 144,000 counting) if there is no humans on earth Christian cannot completed God's SuperSaiyan Men's if that happened heavens foundation will fall and the Secondary Goals of Skynet is Make this planet unhabited by Humans because the whole earth will become farm fields and livestocks keepers without predators because it will Supply foods on Mars and Beyond this is the Dreams of Satan Could we help him in to Materialize first Quantum Processor the future Brain of Skynet fortress on Space.

  9. God's original intention when creating humans is to give humans to enjoy life. With robots doing the work for humans and Senator Andrew Yang's proposal on universal basic income, God original intention may be fulfilled. Hope politicians don't start another round of wars and destruction using robots.

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