Longest illegal underground tunnel found l ABC News

The tunnel stretches from Tijuana, Mexico, to San Diego, and was built with an elevator, rail system and electrical cables. READ MORE: ...

25 thoughts on “Longest illegal underground tunnel found l ABC News

  1. Oh so y’all news anchors are acting like you didn’t know about this or about the D.U.M.B.S. connecting all around the world, to places like the Vatican, the White House, playboy mansion, and Hollywood huh.. so we’re gonna just talk about this like your colleagues and company management team aren’t affiliated with covering up whatever the cia tells you to, and disclosing what they allow u to to gauge the publics reaction? does adrenechrome ring a bell? wonder why they’re starting to come out now all of a sudden, with a “new scientific discovery” that “young blood could serve as an anti aging agent” ? we gonna act like we don’t already know that it is part of the satanic religion “rules” that u MUST reveal what you are doing behind closed doors in ANY way shape form, hence all the Hollywood movies and tv shows that look so familiar bc we swear we have seen it somewhere else other than this James Bond movie? also, not to mention the incident in Australia on the Australian news, a “mysterious” error occurs and for a split second it “accidentally” cuts to a satanic ritual ceremony and a man being heard saying “hail Satan” before quickly cutting the scene to the news anchor again??

  2. Not just drugs are being smuggled. The number one new money making crime is human smuggling, especially children of both sexes and young women. People are really going to be shocked when they learn who is funding and making millions off of this horrific practice. Some things are so vile, and evil, people will be sick to their souls to realize what these people have done that are so prevalent in our society. It gets darker and more evil, the more you know. The main stream media knows all this but refuses to report the whole truth. They have to cover for the most evil scum and are willingly, knowingly doing it. God save our children and may God have mercy on all these ungodly dirt bags for when the truth comes out, they won't be able to walk down the street again.

  3. Oh wow, old news. We've known about those tunnels and they were more than drugs and transported through them. Everyone knows it was drugs, guns, children, and ever in decent thing you can imagine coming through the tunnels. And should I say much more than even that goes on in those tunnels.

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