LIVE REACTION to SORA! The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” – SMASH BROS X KINGDOM HEARTS | RogersBase


28 thoughts on “LIVE REACTION to SORA! The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” – SMASH BROS X KINGDOM HEARTS | RogersBase

  1. 3 weeks later and I still can't believe my most wanted Smash bros Character is Finally here and yes Sora was my most wanted Character and that's coming from a big Morrigan Aensland "Worshiper"

  2. Looking back on this, did I see a hidden Mickey in the fade-away of the Smash logo in the reveal trailer? Like right at the end as the camera starts to pan down. Maybe I’m crazy. It takes up most of the circle, kinda most of the bottom right. I’m probably crazy.

  3. Te sigo desde hace un montón de tiempo, creo que ya van 7 años, eres uno de mis youtubers favoritos de habla inglesa junto a Etika sobre SSB, y pensar que estás reacciones me emocionaron junto contigo.
    La verdad me siento muy alegre de que sigas aquí con nosotros, ojalá seas mi amigo en la vida real…

    Y sobre todo muchas gracias por los buenos ratos.

  4. Rogerbase is one of those youtubers who really love smash, you can tell this means something to him and he isn't just doing it for the associated views with the game. its great to watch.

  5. So I missed this live and then saw it was Sora, so can someone tell me why i still got goosebumps from watching your reaction to this 😭😭. I thought the mini costumes reaction was hype, than you lost your headphones on Sora 🤣! You said thank you at the end, but I wanna say thank you for being a joy to thousands of people including myself. 👏🏾 I am fairly new, but 1 thing I know about you is your reactions are raw and real and I always look forward to seeing them. 😊

  6. 38:47 In this scene, the Japanese version, Sora's line is "お待たせ!!(Omatase !!=I made you wait.)". This line can be understood as the meaning of the creator, "Finally, we were able to fulfill your wishes."

  7. The fact that they put Sora in the game is crazy. But I still can’t believe Disney gave them permission to actually give him the Mickey Mouse keychain! We can now say that the most iconic, and most powerful Mouse on the planet has representation in Smash. Godspeed!

  8. Appreciate everything Sakurai has done to make this game possible.
    He kept the ballot secret for 6 years and negotiated with Disney and Square Enix in silence, to protect them from the toxic smash fans. Sora was not a last minute pick, he was planned from the very beginning.
    The harassment and verbal abuse Sakurai receives on his Twitter is completely uncalled for. He deserves every cheer and thanks he has been given.

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