LIVE from the 2021 VMA Red Carpet!

The 2021 Video Music Awards are here and MTV is live from the red carpet! Let us know in the chat who you are most excited to see. #MTV #VMA Subscribe to ...

27 thoughts on “LIVE from the 2021 VMA Red Carpet!

  1. Pls.pray the rosary and devine mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, diseases, calamities, hunger, corruption, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, vices and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home…………

  2. That award had to be for dakiti or Hawaii "lo vas a olvidar" I never hit in Latin America and also Rosalía is not Latin American, she is European , that's why the nominations should be "Best Reggaeton" and not Best Latin

  3. So the ''common folks'' and the workers have masks but the ''better folks'' can just be with out.
    then theres the leaders of America who seem to only wear a mask when the cameras are rolling -.- what a disaster
    obey and it will only get worse just like Australia where they can't even take their mask off outside to sip from their beer..
    this world is F'd UP

  4. different countries, different persons, different hearts, different feelings but same music.
    edit: i actually didnt mean to ask where yall from but its ok keep writin
    edit: im turkish btw

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