Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow At #VMAs 2021 Stan (Audience) Cam, Celebs React To 'Montero/Industry Baby'

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43 thoughts on “Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow At #VMAs 2021 Stan (Audience) Cam, Celebs React To 'Montero/Industry Baby'

  1. the amount of straightphobic is crazy in this comment section🤣 don't get me wrong, i love lil nas x and his last album was great

    but here's a thing: when an artist just sat there and gave no reaction, ppl from "if u know what im talking about" community…somehow create an exaggerated narrative by thinking those artists (who just sit and watch w/ flat expression) are uncomfortable with lil nas x performance. non-sense and funny XD

  2. Guys maybe the reason other people weren’t feeling it was because of their music taste , Not everyone doesn’t like the music because of homophobia grow the fuck up

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