Lil Dell: Shoots Missile At Opps, Goes On The Run

Lil Dell: Shoots Missile At Opps, Goes On The Run Click here to subscribe: Check out these videos too: Fredo Bang: TBG's Top ...

23 thoughts on “Lil Dell: Shoots Missile At Opps, Goes On The Run

  1. β€œHe basically copied Tay-K”. Boy you act like Tay-K is the first and only person to smoke someone then dip out. That shits been happening since the beginning of time.

  2. He didn't have a live rocket launcher that's for sure.. at this point in time that would be national news everywhere and the ATF/FBI/Homeland security would be investigating how he managed to get a live rocket launcher, and from which military it came from.. but you can get deactivated rocket launchers no problem.. I guarantee he thought it was live though..

  3. The moment we stop glorifying this BS is when this nonsense will stop we need to convey a message that killing another human being or even hurting one of God's creation is wrong and should be frowned upon you bloggers hype these young brothers up but half of you bloggers are pussy suburban spoiled assholes , 90 percent of you have never been to prison and know anything about the street life ,I'm not saying being incarcerated makes you a man the basic tenet to my post is that if you're going to glorify this nonsense explain the heart ache you bring to your parents siblings kids etc tell them about how society outcast you because of your past ,the peers you lose to the cell or the coroner because the only way out this life is death or jail we need to instill the word of God into these young men teach them the importance of education , implement way of how to resolve a problem without violence unify or die anything I said that was misleading came from me anything I said that could help you grow came from Allah

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