Let’s talk about the reality of adoption

Let’s talk about the reality of adoption

If we’re going to advance the pro-life movement, we have to talk openly about adoption. Watch the full episode: …


Written by Liz Wheeler

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  1. Liz, the answer to "How to help adopted children" is Family Life Education, courses on Couple Relationships, Parenting, Management of Family Resources, and a special set of seminars on parenting adopted children and teens. Family LIfe education is a preventative measure, it should not be "completed" prior to adoption. Research strongly supports pre-post-after-as long as the child(ren) is in the household schedule. It's like visiting a dental office, twice a year. If that does not work, then family therapy is very helpful. Although adoption programs may require the Family Life Education program to be completed, therapeutic interventions are more complicated.


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  2. How can PP be called "Reproductive Healthcare" if their sole purpose is to systematically mur.der unborn babies? Every child that's ever been aborted could have been the next Albert Einstein, cured cancer or just the common cold, or even developed a "Warp Drive" that would give us the ability to reach other stars and solar systems in a matter of days instead of millions of years. IMO the Communist left is literally destroying our future from within the womb.

  3. Over 60% of newborns are adopted in the first month. Every month they age after that greatly reduces the odds of adoption. Most children in US foster care are there not from birth but from being removed from bad parents. The number one reason is drug issues. Adoption is difficult, traumatic and challenging for the adoptee, the adopters and their families.

  4. If there was ever a time to boycott state and federal taxes ,it should be now by all pro lifers. They can't arrest all, so this would push back on this abortion on demand nightmare. Sure ,Biden might get tough and hire more IRS thugs , but he can not hire enough to stop a massive boycott, because, if he tries, conservatives could join in and push back too.So, are hundreds of millions of American citizens going be neutralized or take their stand and stop this dehumanizing nightmare in America. Canadians are pushing back , let Americans push back.

  5. I wish fathers rights , mothers and black ( fathers missing activist) would understand there is a difference between Dad Raising a child and missing mother's. Adopt children or those mom dead even have major issues from mothers not being there and no step or adopted moms don't always save the child. In fact therapy has the old joke about "mommy issues for a reason"

  6. We adopted 2 children, 11 and 12 at the time. It was the most difficult and rewarding experience. The foster care system is broken. These kids of mine were broken by the system just as much as from their birth parent. We conservatives must step up to the plate. Don't just say no abortion! What can you do as an individual to fix this broken system??!!

  7. My mother tried to abort me. Issues with/during the procedure prevented it from being successful (apparently I was a stubborn beyatch even in the womb). I thankfully was raised by family but suffered serious mental abuse from my mother who blamed me for the ruination of her life (nope, it was NOT the drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction, or paranoid schizophrenia….it was all because of ME BEING BORN). She used abortion as a means of torture and abuse on me. Pissed her off seriously when at a very young age that I wasn’t playing her games and stopped letting her hurt me.

    I am ETERNALLY thankful to all of the family members, particularly my grandparents, who stepped up and raised me when they didn’t have to. I wouldn’t be the successful, happy, and anti-abortion person that I am today if it wasn’t for them.

    Technically I wasn’t adopted because my beyatch mother wouldn’t sign over parental rights. My upbringing involved a whole lotta people looking the other way so my grandparents could register me for school, sports, obtain medical treatment, etc. I’m grateful for all of those people as well, who looked the other way when my (now deceased) grandmother forged my mother’s signature on stuff.

  8. If you thought the racial turmoil was bad during the burning and looking recently, and all the crime currently, just imagine if there was now somewhere between 4 and 10 times the number of fatherless welfare thugs among us. Life would be unbearable. We couldn't afford the prisons, police, or cost to victims, and to top it off they would all vote democrat, turning this nation into a one party banana republic. Abortion has literally saved this nation.

  9. I am adopted and yes my parents were white like I am. I have 2 biological sisters that I met and one is half black the other half islander. They grew up in the same adoptive home and loved it. Their adoptive parents are white, from my experience adoption is usually the best option for a child regardless of race cause at the end of the day you should love that child no matter what. My sisters are amazing people and I’m so glad I got to know them.



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