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Lara Fabian An Underrated Artist

Starting her music career at a tender age of 8, Lara Fabian knew that she would become a singer one day. She also emphasized this on her show From Lara with Love, broadcasted by PBS, when she told the audience about her encounter one day when she drove with her dad and vocalized exceptional high notes she heard on the radio, without any problems. This is where she knew she would become a singer one day.

It is not everyday you get such a talented, vibrant person and it is these artists that fans love all over the world. She has a beautiful voice, a beautiful face and a beautiful personality. Everything you need to become famous, and famous Lara became. Yet her name is not a household name like Celine Dion or Enrique Iglesias, but she has all the talents these great performers have. She is frequently compared to Celine Dion but just like Celine, she also performed the soundtracks of movies like Final Fantasy and AI, she even played the voice of Esmeralda of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and sang the theme song of the movie "Que Dieu Aide Les Exclus".

It is clear that Lara focuses on the European market, because she has so little English albums (2 English between a total of 8 albums), but who blames her. She did a great job with her album A Wonderful Life, with each song on the album being a hit on its own. Her best English single would be I Will Love Again, which would also please the younger music fans. Having compiled such a rich album with songs that will suit most fans with a good taste for music, she did not find the response she was hoping for.

Her music has depth and besides the fact that she has wonderful vocal talents, is she an exceptional songwriter. Lara sees herself more as a writer with a beautiful voice; she knows her talents and did not hide them under a bucket. Her charisma surrounds every audience wherever she performs and it is clearly visible by the loud cheers and applause she gets before and after performing her titles Lara gives her music so much life and excitement that you can't ignore it.

Lara has been very successful, without the support of the people who can't appreciate good music. She has won many awards, and has sold millions of copies of her records. If everyone could see her great potential, both as a singer and songwriter, she could have sold maybe three times the number of copies than she actually did. But still Lara did not let that get her down. She showed that she also has the talent of not giving up, and Lara has not given up yet, there is still much more to come and there have been reports that she is working on a new album. Lets hope that one of her future albums will be an English one again, maybe people will show more appreciation for her work when that happens.

The rest of the world should show much more appreciation for artists like Lara Fabian, otherwise we would be left with the junk that's hitting the Top 10 each month.


Source by Coenraad De Beer 

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