Kodak Black Reacts To His Artist WizDaWizard Passing Away Says A Prayer Getting Closer To God

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47 thoughts on “Kodak Black Reacts To His Artist WizDaWizard Passing Away Says A Prayer Getting Closer To God

  1. Hey you said you drooping an album called zoedak red there's an undground talented rapper name the same and doesn't get heard a lot but the day he does oh my gosh keep going zoedak red

  2. Why u wait until he die to wana be spiritual now?? Instead of letting him out his contract??? Like come on Gs we all know u did that Kodak nothing is a coincidence it jus look like bruh tryna clear his name that’s all he signed everybody for pennies and say ppl did him wrong this boy is a clown what he don’t realize is his soul is in the market as well nobody safe in that industry NOBODY🩸

  3. They pray to the God of Jacob abraham and moises ? Hmmm 🤔 the (tetragrammaton ) God of destruction envy revenge and jealousy , i stick to Jesus and his Father the real And only God.❤️🙌

  4. Yo Kodak, you're breaking through thresholds and with that means that Satan is losing his grip on you so you will be tested spiritually and physically we all go through this in life you're elevating yourself to a higher level of consciousness you have to shed the old you which is obvious that you're in transition. Hold your head stay up and stay sucka free💥

  5. Thank God he opening your Eyes please all young people Flee to God not the $Evil .. You talking with sense keep God in your Presence on your Speed dial , You a vessel he using you to bring these young people together stop Hurting each other Young ones that’s not cute love your Brothers & Sisters stop Hating start motivating to do Better in Unity we stand Divided we Fall Let’s stand for Peace & Love ❤️ not Hostile

  6. Kodak the biggest out of Florida. U honestly think he ain’t have shit to do with this? Y’all slow as hell, if it wasn’t him, then he needs to be stepping for wiz even if they fell out because at the end of the day he was still signed to him. And he knows who did it. But he tryna find god, niggas only get spiritual after doing some bad.

  7. This whole video Kodak ain't drop one profanity christ working on him after receiving christ has is lord and savior god working on him trust me a couple years from now he gonna be like Boonk gang buddy who god change his life

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