Kitten Pregame!

Kitten Pregame!

Join Kitten Lady and The Wildest for an hour of kitten playtime before the big game! Join a live chat with Kitten Lady about feline …


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  1. I got a cat she just gave birth to 6 kittens 3 passed away and she ate 2 more 😢 I went home after school finding only 1 kitten I took it from her and decided to nurse it on my own I found the little kitten injured I took it to the vet and then after examining him I went back home buying things for the kitten he's a male and I'm taking care of it any tips I'm biogenesis for taking care of kittens

  2. Kittenlady, I really need help. I am a cat hoarder. I'm being evicted and I have no place for the cats or myself to go. One is a mother with newborns 3 weeks old. I'm In irvine. Please please I don't want them to go to someone unsafe. I love them all and would be willing to let them all be rehomed I don't know how go find resources and my depression is getting really hard.

  3. I have a neighbor who doesn't want to neuter his male cat. He says:" I can't do that to him, that's his job".. his Tom is attacking all cats and younger males in neighborhood and even gets inside house to fight cat that live in that house. When confronted with him about damage his cat was involved in he's like :"it's not only my cat,those are cats,it's in their nature to fight and mate"
    His wife was easier to talk to but she's afraid to neuter their cat without him knowing

  4. here's a video I would like you to do (if you haven't already) but how do you vet a RESCUE that you want to foster for? My first experience with a foster was a complete disaster, the rescue tagged the kittens from our local shelter and I fostered for 6 weeks, at the end of the time, I sent them via transport to this rescue. Three weeks later, the rescue was raided by the Humane Society and the woman running it was arrested. The mother of the kitten was found but no one ever found the kittens. No one knows what happened to them. I found another rescue I DO trust now but a guide for newbies might save someone from the total guilt and despair I have suffered. (Still cry for those sweet babies)

  5. Im watching this after the stream and I have a question:

    Can I foster if I have a cat that is not used to being around a lot of cats face to face yet? Should I adopt another cat before I start fostering, or is that something that could potentially stress him out?

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