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Jeff Bezos $500 Million New Superyacht Yacht

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There’s no doubt that former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world. However, he recently proved just how wealthy he has become: he just picked up one of the most expensive – and luxurious – superyachts ever made!
Jeff Bezos’ Latest Purchase
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Even in the world of superyachts, Jeff Bezos reigns supreme. Amazon Inc.’s founder and former CEO, and the wealthiest person on the planet, recently purchased one of the most incredible, massive, and ostentatious yachts of all time. In fact, the yacht, currently known as “Project Y721” as it’s still in construction, will be so large that it will come with a smaller ship for day trips. That’s right! Even more incredible? That support yacht will feature a helicopter landing pad.
Of course, that’s far from all! The ship makers, Dutch company Oceanco, and Bezos have remained tight-lipped about the project, but a few details have still managed to slip out. For instance, when completed, the yacht will come in at 417 feet long, span at least three decks, and support three enormous masts, for days when the winds are good. While the ship’s interior remains a secret, one can undoubtedly expect luxurious features like a movie theater, library, and the like.
Of course, as you might imagine, quite a few people found Bezos’ latest purchase somewhat offensive, given how many people are struggling in the wake of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, as a result of people staying home more, Amazon makes more money than ever…
Reactions To The Superyacht
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The Late Show host Stephen Colbert became one of the first to point out the absurdity of Bezos’ $500 million superyacht. “The pandemic has been a boom time for billionaires, and they are using their profits to give back to hard-hit communities, as long as those communities build giant, shiny new yachts,” Colbert joked. “Today, we learned that Bezos will soon receive delivery of a $500 million megayacht. Don’t know exactly when it will be delivered, but we do know it will come in a much bigger box.”
“You can tell which one is the support yacht because it has that little vest. That way, you can take the yacht on the plane with you,” Colbert continued. “Here’s why Bezos needs it: The mommy yacht will be powered with the assistance of three giant masts, and those sails mean it will not support a helipad, so they need a separate ship with a dedicated landing facility. I mean, who hasn’t needed a separate yacht just for his helicopter?” Soon enough, many other late-night hosts joined in, hilariously criticizing Bezos for his purchase, specifically the so-called “support yacht.”
“The support yacht is like the billionaire version of having a second fridge in your garage,” Jimmy Kimmel said in a recent opening monologue. James Corden, on the other hand, didn’t go as hard on Bezos. Instead, he made fun of the way that Amazon itself works. “Truth is, Bezos didn’t really need the support yacht, but Amazon did one of these upsells where they go, ‘People who buy this, also buy this,’” he joked.
Sources: Bloomberg, MSN.

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