JEEN-YUHS | First Look Clip | Netflix

A sneak peak of a scene featuring Mos Def and Kanye West from JEEN-YUHS, coming to Netflix in 2022. SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix ...

30 thoughts on “JEEN-YUHS | First Look Clip | Netflix

  1. Can someone please identify the strings that come in, it freezes me solid. I can not wait to watch this, they're both legends, so glad I am alive while they are, to witness it all.

  2. far VERY very far from "JEEN-YUHS". Mos Def is a G has some great music and so does Kanye, but from WAY back in the day. BUT VERY FAR FROM "JEEN-YUHS", that's a hysterical joke.

  3. If you were alive and paying attention when all of this was coming together, realizing who Kanye would become, and you didn’t get chills watching this, you’re an android.

  4. Drake has a line that says “Imagine if I was still rapping like I never made it” but yet fake Kanye fans still expect him to rap like some southside Chicago kid after he’s become a billionaire. NEWSFLASH: People develop overtime. If Kanye stayed stagnant like y’all wanted him to you would’ve cast him aside like y’all did with Most Def and many of the other rappers from that era. If anything the relevancy of Kanye right now should tell you that his growth in musical diversity has only served to elevate his career

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