Is Water A Human Right?

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35 thoughts on “Is Water A Human Right?

  1. Actually, a correction, most of the water is inacessible not because they are frozen but because they are salty, since most of seawater is too salty and filtering it can be costly and time consuming.

  2. clearWater is an earthling&humanRight that mafiaDon violated when first becoming president by siding with DAPL pipeline to send polluting shale oil sands to LA voting against the tribalReservationCivilRights of the nativeNations….

  3. If it's not a right. Then who owns it and why? I've personally never understood how a invisible entity like a country or government or a corporation can own anything that is natural. Like earth air oil water. Maybe if we didn't give corporations and countries unlimited access to these things for profit maybe we wouldn't drain their supply at such a alarming rate. Just a thought.

  4. So it is also a right that America is forced to pay billions to the UN to build infrastructure for poor kids in Africa while we have thousands of children in our own country who don't have access to clean water??? Ridiculous. My tax money should go to American kids not third world kids.

  5. That's why you have "Underground" water that is available for everyone and increase the "2%" up to 40% , 80% from Underground Water around the World is good for drinking but nobody want you to know the Truth . Beneath the "Ground" there is equal fresh Water to the Water that is in the Oceans. There is always enough Water but big Company's,Governments and Corporations don't want you to know this.

  6. To ask if it is a right is to put it in the discussion of rights and liberties. This turns water into something that can be given and taken away by the state. It becomes something that the state has a huge involvement in. It becomes something that can be bought and sold. The question should be: How could someone ever deserve access to clean drinking water? Answer: You can't. Nothing can make you more deserving of water or air or any other basic resource on this planet.

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