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As awareness of trends in the engagement market grows for the average man and woman, it also becomes apparent that each different type of metal, stone or design has a unique demographic of appeal. Traditional diamond rings will probably not be too appealing to someone who enjoys the colour and exquisite glimmer of an emerald, for instance, and others drawn to rock-like black diamonds will likely be indifferent to traditional pearls.

Of course, this type of phenomenon can easily lead to stereotyping, and this is no less true for the world of bridal and engagement jewellery. As soon as Western society began to realise that certain personality types tended to drift towards certain types of jewel, all manner of classifications and stereotypes began to appear.

Among these generalisations, most of which still exist, one of the most common links a pink engagement ring to a ‘girly’ girl, the type, for instance, who watches romantic comedies and keeps a miniature shoe store in her closet. But while this association is often proven true, this type of woman is far from being the only demographic interested in an engagement stone of this colour.

The Colour Of Kindness

Pink is described in most charts which relate colours to personality types as being the colour of kindness, generosity, and availability to help others – personality traits which certainly do not apply to the stereotypical customer for a pink engagement ring, such as she is described above. This is a clue that this type of jewel may well be attractive to other demographics, such as the ‘motherly’ type, who does gather the characteristics and traits usually associated with the colour pink.

Furthermore, the average pink engagement ring generally looks quite sophisticated and visually appealing, without being garish or ‘loud’. As such, this type of gem may also appeal to women with sophisticated tastes, an eye for understated and elegant beauty, and who are in touch with their femininity. These women are likely to approach a jewel of this colour from the opposite end, attracted not so much by the ‘oh-my-god-pinkness’ of it all, but rather by the sophisticated charm of the piece as a whole. However, that does not mean they will enjoy their pink engagement ring any less than a ‘girly’ girl.

These are only two of the many types of non-stereotypical women to whom a pink engagement ring may appeal; however many other types there may be out there, they already serve as proof that most times, there is very little truth in stereotypes.

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