Inside the 'underground city' below DIA

There are all kinds of conspiracy theories surrounding DIA. Here's a look at what's under the airport in Denver, Colorado as it celebrates 25 years since it ...

26 thoughts on “Inside the 'underground city' below DIA

  1. The elite live underground and watch us all day. We all have an owner and we are slaves to them. They’ve implanted microchips inside of us and we are constantly stalked and controlled. We are voodoo dolls bruh

  2. No dumbs here I guess. (yeah, right). Nothing to see here. Move along now. Only 8 cities below the airport bigger than the city of Denver. Oh well, not on this fake news channel. Thanks anyway.

  3. In a government designed in a need to know basis to acquire information why would an airport employee know if there is a military connection or not 🤣

  4. ITS ABSOLUTELY ORCHESTRATED!!!!!. Ufos are real "aliens" are real the moon already has human bases and  the real space force already has actual full size star destroyers. Gary mckinnon the greatest military hacker deserves recognition. Or bob lazar the guy that put area 51 on peoples radar. And the ufo videos being put out are only what they want you to see. Low def quality just to open ppls minds no new knowledge or TECHNOLOGIES for civies. DONT BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT. SEE THROUGH THE PLANNED DISCLOSURE. Also how does a dust storm clean off a mars rover lens & solar panels? Sounds like bull to me nasa!!!
    They exercise strict control over us!!! – OBAMA

  5. Yeah right—reported by one of the sheeple—Phil Schneider vids tell more about the underground tunnels all over America (& the world) Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper—both murdered

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