Inside the doomsday bunker for the super rich

In episode two of Hacking the Apocalypse, Claire Reilly looks at the risk of an all-out nuclear war and tours a Cold-War era missile silo that's now a luxury ...

43 thoughts on “Inside the doomsday bunker for the super rich

  1. I know what I know about this. They have already souled (yes pun) out! I don't in no way shape or form, care who these people are. When the Lord comes back, all this will be destroyed as well as all these worshipers of lucifer. They have NO PLACE TO HIDE!! Guard your heart all my Brothers and Sisters, their time draws nigh.

  2. Doomsday bunker. I thought it would be a great idea but think about it. What's going to be left if you survive in your doomsday bunker? I'll tell ya….nothing but nuclear fallout and toxic waste for decades. To get air to breathe into your fancy doomsday bunker you'll need air from that toxic wasteland. So how ya gonna survive? Also, would you want to survive?

  3. Humans: we have build best thing to survive in days of anything against the humanity.
    God: you sure about that?
    Humans: you bet any day.
    God: Oh! Dear You have no idea what's possible///

  4. No dumb dumb professor that is a myth. "One person in the U.S. and one person in Russia could decide all by themselves to have a nuclear conflict."
    THIS is precisely the kind of fear mongering that is addressed in the great film The Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis. Watch it.
    To launch a nuclear missile from U.S. soil takes a Pentagon meeting of substantial size and import. Ditto for the Russian equivalent. Oh and if ANYONE believes that Russia is a threat to the U.S., consider that Russia has the GDP of a mid sized U.S. state. Hitlery Clinton and her lot have been hugely instrumental in creating a fantasy that has served only to scare people. Ridiculous.
    Blondie if you're going to interview someone, please find someone with at least the intelligence of a Siberian Husky. Yes really.

  5. I could imagine all of us panicking and crying with terror and complete fear begging to be let in through those steal doors of the super rich survival bunker as the world comes to an end 😞

  6. I have no idea why I've been looking this stuff up lol maybe because of the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, idk. But I've been wanting to create a survival guide for just about anything. Don't think it'll do me any good for a nuke war though lmfao

  7. Sorry but if we are hit by nuclear weapons the first thing I'm grabbing is my gun n I'm ending my life 😂😂 I'm not gonna worry about having a million dollars to buy a bunker to live for a few months cause come on there will be no more food after a bit to eat so u will starve n die anyway

  8. What is missing
    1. Workers and places for workers
    2. Clothing store and place to do laundry
    3. Anything related to cleaning and hygiene isnt supplied enough
    4. No medication or pharmacy place
    5. No gaming room
    6. No room for animals

  9. “Top secret, I can’t tell you where it’s at”
    Hmmm. Non-discrete logo said Raven Ridge Kansas. Googles this address. Bunker location proudly displayed on Google lol.

    Also, since we know she knows, who’s to say some desperate person wouldn’t threaten her / her family for the whereabouts of this bunker ? Finished before it started lol

  10. People think they are going to escape the judgement to come, you can, but only as Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior. Please don't be deceived, there's no place to keep Jesus from you

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