Inside Kim Kardashian's Concerns as Kanye West Tries Winning Her Back (Source)

A source tells ET that Kim Kardashian is considering reconciling with Kanye West, but adds that he still has 'a lot to prove.' The reality star filed for divorce from ...

27 thoughts on “Inside Kim Kardashian's Concerns as Kanye West Tries Winning Her Back (Source)

  1. Firstly Kanye has made changes to his lifestyle, he started working out again. He is on a healthy diet…that already can improve your mental health. Kanye says the bipolar meds are affecting his creativity & it does, I'm on medication and i'm not that smart person i was before…those pills are drugs that destroy your brain.
    He changed to be a christian also…
    The Rock said he had depression or bipolar as a child & he refused to take those meds, he decided to rather exercise extensively and he said it has helped him…he healed.
    Bipolar, depression etc can be misdiagnosed at times bcs its not an illness which your blood is taken to be tested to see what kind of mental health problem you have.
    2ndly Kanye could be affected by the births of his kids…its possible that he got the postpartum depression everytime one of their kids were born…and Yes men can get postpartum depression do your research abt it.
    Lastly he is the one who didn't want her anymore…he is the one who wanted a divorce…he just asked her to file for divorce not to have a bad reputation of being divorced by him as the mother of his kids…she dragged the divorce since February.
    Kim must start being a matured wife in her house and stop being a mommas baby…she run with every problem they have to her mom…her mom is like her actual husband…she has matured but not fully…
    He rapped about cheating but that's then…its old news.
    How many times did JayZ cheat on Beyonce but she's still with him and how many women are being cheated on ..
    She has a bad reputation that sex tape she made make it impossible for any man to really be with her.
    He is recently being threaten that she has another sex tape….the guy told him to pay him…then he won't expose the tape or its the same sextape…he can make it go viral again…they've deleted the video from the internet….there's only pics which u can't really see her being banged….yes but how scrutiny must he take with her….
    That's y she got 4kids to trap him for life…its reported he and Irina broke up bcs he is to attached to his work
    Its said that he got his lawyers to deal with the matter…

  2. I feel as though this must be the time when Kim developed an infection while carrying Saint. The infection was bacterial n must have been transmitted sexually while she was pregnant, by Kanye. I had my suspicion at the time but shook it off thinking that no way will Kanye be capable of cheating…! Who knew????

  3. All that crap that Kanye was spewing out about how Kim cheated on him & now he's rapping about cheating on Kim. Kanye is so adamant about him being the one who said it was him who wanted the divorce first. Since he's trying to get Kim back, it shows you that it was her that wanted to divorce Kanye. Not once did Kim ever drag Kanye through the mud like he did her. He basically called her a 'ho & even his friends were bashing her. Kim didn't deserve that shyt – why would Kanye do that? I wouldn't take his miserable butt back. No one wants an inmature grown a$$ man child.

  4. Okay both of yall stop cheating and support each other and your children along with your family step out yall the examples for the Kardashians family do it Mr. and Mrs. West . That North is a star I'm sure more is coming.😊

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