Inside a Neo Nazi Music Festival | Decade of Hate

Music festivals, like most cultural events, were badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, impacting both the smallest of DIY festivals to behemoths like ...

27 thoughts on “Inside a Neo Nazi Music Festival | Decade of Hate

  1. Now I find these folk to be way too gnarly but to close chitchat w "dark n twisted subculture" and I click on what we cal hip hop, narco ect and nobody says dark and twisted… I know I'm too old but ya do see why some might suggest ya guys are posers in regards to being offended right?

  2. I've always wondered how people have distanced themselves from the Nazi symbol, as it is a lotus in another faith
    Hip hop was created to voice displeasure of the masses towards racist government policies. So the fact that a white supremacist could take rap music {which, if you didn't know, was created by African Americans – the same people these fools hate} and make it into a racist thing, is appalling. As a hip hop fan I am floored by the foolery going on smh

  3. Who's killed and maimed more people in Europe than any other group Islamist extremism… where's your vidio about them…they've killed hundreds in western Europe…and they're backed up by the far left ..🤔.

  4. Look up Flyting!
    Exactly as I spelled it.
    The people who think 'rap' Rhyming or talking in verse , particularly 'battle rapping' comes from Black Folks in NYC really just are ignorant.
    Look, I love Hip Hop, I Love Rap as it developed, I Love Black Folks. The Black Americans developed many sub-genres of music and I'd say the final word is that Rock as it began was from Chuck Berry, a black man. Metal and later Death and Black Metal however is mostly white guys though I have always been surprised by the strong Hispanic presence from the early days of Metal. And there are 'Neo-Nazi' Hispanic Black Metal bands. Nyogthaeblisz comes to mind.
    Why not just ignore it and leave it alone?
    I remember in the.90s Tupac's music got blamed for the shooting of a cop by a black teenager. How are we back to this same false logic!?

  5. they would probs call you far right if you denounced the existence of one of the 120 genders or what ever it is.. or question anything they said, group think lunatics, i was born an individual and will die that way, that is true freedom.

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