Illinois man finds mysterious tunnel beneath his home

We're going underground in Alton, Illinois, into a tunnel that was just found. “A lot of brick,” said Gary Machens, who discovered the tunnel. “Whatever they built ...

23 thoughts on “Illinois man finds mysterious tunnel beneath his home

  1. The "Underground Railroad" WAS NOT UNDERGROUND!!!!! It was a route for runaway slaves, called "underground" due it's necessary secrecy!!!! Think a little: how secret would it be to excavate and construct huge tunnels, AND HOPE THAT NO ONE NOTICED??? People use terms that they don't understand, and fail to see how foolish it makes them look.

  2. How can a descendant of an immigrant AKA (a U.S. citizen) buy land that was never for sale? While the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples are told they are descendants of slaves AKA (Black or African American) who are Indigenous to the land. The Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples are what we now call Americans. Descendants of immigrants can apply to be a U.S. citizen however they can not apply to be an American.

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