I Hated Avengers: Infinity War And Here's Why

I Hated Avengers: Infinity War And Here’s Why

Avengers: Infinity War was not a good movie. Would I recommend that you go see it? Absolutely not. Maybe if you are into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) regardless of what they actually put out content wise. However, if you enjoy movies that have a beginning, middle, and end, without the absurd lead-up into another movie which will arrive in twelve months time… then this movie is not for you.

I speak about this much more in depth in the video review above, but to summarize it in the best way possible … this movie was a crash crab. Nothing more and nothing less. Was it beautiful? Sure. Great scenery, coloring, special effects, costume design, all of the above which give it a shiny presentation are excellent. Once you get beneath the facade things begin to change. A story that is not so much paper-thin as it is long and drawn out for no other reason than for filler. Too many characters on-screen which makes it difficult to focus on anyone because everyone is fighting for screen time.

Worst of all is the ending. This could have been summed up within 45 minutes to an hour. Infinity War Part 2 is scheduled to come out in one year and rumor has it that this movie will complete the story of the first one. I’m almost positive that the second one will mirror the first with an unnecessarily-drawn-out story for the sake of filler that could be condensed into one hour. If you condense and combine the two, maybe there’s a good movie there. Unfortunately, the gash-grab, extended-story, boring, soulless product that is Avengers: Infinity War is just not that.


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  1. So I watched this last night for the second time. My daughter was seeing it for the first time. We found it to be a profoundly moving disaster piece. Best acting ever and a horrifying storyline where we had to watch out heroes die. I feel like your take on things may be predicated on this need for the heroes to win and in the real world that just doesn’t happen. Granted this isn’t real…clearly…but it was realistic in that there was an overwhelming existential threat and there certainly were tragedies. We found Spider-Man’s end to be especially moving and felt that the quality and intensity of the acting was quite gripping. You didn’t care about any of the characters? We cared about them all.

  2. Honestly yeah, I think infinity war and endgame both were so… annoying? So many inconsistencies, which probably could have been fixed if they had another three movies. The pacing was shit, they completely wrecked Thor, not even against fat Thor but they made Ragnarok redundant, gave him back a weapon, killed his brother again ( Like seriously isn't that getting old? How many more times do we need to see Loki die?) And then we have the fight with Thanos and Dr. Strange. I thought the Dr. Strange movie already established that he was OP? Why did we need to wait for Tony Stark in Endgame to figure out time travel was possible when Dr. Strange was already doing it? And then why did they have a fight with themselves when they went back in time? That never happened, aka the past is different, aka the whole thing doesn't work.
    They wasted their opportunity with Guardians x Thor, that just became some dumb sequence which was so uncalled for.
    Literally, you have a god and a time travelling wizard, how tf can you not beat a guy with a glove? We also got zero explanation for Cap's gang, and then zero explanation for why Dr. Strange couldn't take Thanos 1 on 1. And then Captain Marvel can't come over to save the world when all this is going down?
    Nah, the plot was all over the place, it was such a waste of all the great characters and storylines.

  3. I didn't like the way they had to morph all these characters. Doctor strange… can you get us home but I make portals. Fight Thanos and don't use the time stone. Didn't like toni stark liquid suit. No longer iron man. Thor unlocked his full power in rag but oh wait I need a hammer again. Star lord… where to begin. Lastly… the stakes were to high for the marvel dry humor.

  4. Look I don’t love it like everyone else does. I like it that’s it. But it’s not a film for you. Did you not watch the previous films? It’s supposed to be a continuation. If you have no prior knowledge you are critiquing a film without even knowing what is happening. That’s not the movies fault

  5. I didn't enjoy Infinity War or Endgame either. I might've liked it more if I liked all the characters…but I didn't like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies at all so I didn't care much for their part in the movies. The CGI backgrounds were also terrible in my opinion. They looked overly fake and it made me cringe a lot to the point it was the only thing I could focus on. On a more personal note, my favourite character is Black Widow and I felt as though she had very little part in the movies. All in all, there were just too many timelines going on with everyone spread thin in each which made it less enjoyable to me. Everyone calls me crazy for feeling this way, so it's cool to know I'm not completely insane 😅

  6. The Avengers don't fail every time they try to stop him, just every time in this specific movie. Watch the ones leading up to it, where they stop every attempt they're involved in.

    Too many characters? Gee, it's almost like a WAR needs an army or something. If it wasn't for Black Panther's people joining in, you could make the argument that there wasn't enough characters.

  7. I think most of the things you said were good points.
    Hulk not wanting to be Hulk was weird to me as well. Thinking the film had too many characters is also a fair point. However, I don’t understand too much why you decided to watch this film when you were never invested in this franchise.
    Thinking that the movie was too long is a fair point. Even if I was never bored, of course there will be a lot of people who would think the movie is too long when it’s more than 2 and a half hours long. Too much pop culture reference is also something no one can argue. It’s subjective and I agree at some point.

    What I would have to disagree is the point where you saying that even if you missed the dialogue it wouldn’t change. The movie is basically a non stop ride besides the quippy scenes and even they don’t go too long. Majority of the scenes of dialogue is the characters talking about Thanos, the stones, their motivations, their needs, etc.
    Overall, your video might’ve been the only good video where someone criticizes Infinity War.

  8. Its not a cliffhanger dumbass is its a cliffhanger he would have gotten the stones and movie ends before the snap this movie thanos is the main character in the movie he had the most screen time and we are following his journey to the snap its a perfect movie

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