How to Transform a Cave into a Town in Minecraft Survival

I will show you how to Transform an Underground Cave into a Town in Minecraft Survival? Let's build a city in Survival Minecraft! You can come and help too!

23 thoughts on “How to Transform a Cave into a Town in Minecraft Survival

  1. Really … because all players can fly in survival … you cannot see because it's too dark … endgame survival? Oh Avo … revisit and refine some of your older farms, give your viewers something they can ACTUALLY do in survival …

  2. Whew… what a relief!! I check your underground periodically and watch this series and I have been so stressed over it!!! Finally, cohesiveness and a bit of a plan! Excellent Avo!!! I won't worry anymore, lol!

  3. Of course it was me that did the stalagmite, I didnt want to go too far with it so it would stay in line with your vision.
    I cant believe you are buying cobblestone!!!! LOL. I have put boxes inside, full of stuff, use anything in them.
    Not sure what to build in those small footprints but i will give it a go.

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