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1. Step away from your work

When creative block hits you, it’s a good idea to walk away from your work. The reason is simple: if you can’t think of any ideas, there’s no point trying to get work done. The longer you try to work, the more frustrated you’re going to get. Simply walk away from your work and take your mind completely off it. Find something else to do that’s got nothing to do with your work. Revisit your work later once you’ve cleared your mind a bit.

2. Have a positive attitude

It’s important to have a positive attitude when it comes to work, otherwise you won’t get anything done. If you have creative block, try to see it in a positive way. Look at what you’ve done so far, even if you haven’t actually started your project yet, and think of it as something that’s challenging you to come up with better ideas. There are always new ideas to be thought of; think of a creative block as something positive because it can lead to you coming up with ideas you otherwise might not have come up with.

3. Try a new perspective

Sometimes it can be a good idea to try to see things from a new perspective. Whatever your project, try approaching it from a different angle to see if that does anything to reignite your creativity and get you to overcome your creative block. Think about what could be behind your creative block and try to redefine it as something else, or even just think of it as something else. If there’s a clear problem you can’t find a solution for, try placing this problem in a different context.

4. Refresh your surroundings

It may sound surprising, but part of the reason why you get creative block may be because your surroundings haven’t changed. If you work in the same place all the time, move things about a bit; remove some bits and bobs that have been there for ages and replace them with new things. Alternatively, you could try to find a completely new workspace. It could be practically anywhere: you could work in a park, in a public library or even on public transport, for example.

5. Have broadened horizons

One of the reasons you may find yourself having a creative block is because you aren’t broadening your horizons enough. Generally speaking, the more creativity you absorb, the more creative you should become. If you’re stuck for ideas, find something that’s completely new to you and immerse yourself in it to give your mind something new to digest. You never know what ideas could come about from immersing yourself in creative things you’ve never experienced before.


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