How To Make Karaoke CDs

Karaoke is a growing past time and if you haven't tried it you really should. You'll quickly understand what the rage is! Why not begin by learning how to make your own karaoke CDs.

Most CD RW drives are not able to burn CD+G discs due to missing internal firmware. This firmware recognizes files that contain the graphic extensions of the Red Book. Some of the older CD RW drives that were able to write CD+G files are not compatible with the newer software so you might need to upgrade your drive.

Drives by Plextor are the only ones that seam to be working with the new burn software packages. Plextor drives support CD+G read write capabilities as well as the technology to prevent buffer overruns. They also have the capability of choosing optimum recording speed.

Not all discs are equal. Although Plextor drive can burn almost all brands but there are always a few brands that can give grief so test your discs. CDs used to burn Karaoke should be no more than 6x and 4x is actually best.

Now that we've got the hardware covered it's time to look at the software that's needed to make those karaoke CDs.

1. Video Karaoke Studio

It has all the tools you need to create a professional karaoke video. It's quick and easy to use. In fact it's never been easier. You can create your own video karaoke files using different multimedia sources. When you're done you can take your files from VKStudio to Video-CD, DVD and SVideo-CD. Synchronized lyrics, video, and picture files have never been easier.

2. Karaoke-to-Text

Can automate the process of extracting song text from karaoke files and then determine the right cords. It has Midi file processing and a key signature finder. It's convenient to use and helps with transpositions.

3. Dart Karaoke Studio CD+G 1.49 CDGP

Not only can you make your own Karaoke on your computer you can also play it. This software turns your computer into a player.

The CD recorder makes capturing both digital and analogue music easy. You can rip and burn CD+G tracks from playlists. The Dart DeVocalizer removes the vocals from commercial recordings during playback.

The Dart Karaoke Author is used to edit, import, and synchronize the lyrics to your music. Just flag the word or phrases you want to synchronize along the waveform.

The CD+G Track Generator lets you customize your graphics, choose your fonts, number your verses, work out your presentation style and so much more. The wizard has an onscreen guide that will walk you through the entire process.

The Karaoke Player is where you get to have some fun with that creation. You've made your Karaoke cd now you get to use it. Select your tack, use the controls and as the lyrics appear it's sing along time.

4. Karaoke Song List Creator 2005

Lets you sort by title, artist, track number, and even producer. The toolbar provides a quick and easy way to catalogue all of your Karaoke disks. You can create lists buttons and track all your songs. You can even print your songbook.

5. Power CD+G Pro

This is a software package that supports BIN, CDG, MP3+G file formats converting your PC into an easy to use karaoke machine. Make your disk using this easy to use software which includes key transposer so you can adjust the songs to your own voice, seekbar, and playlist management. Then play back in full screen mode.

After you've chosen your software you can search online to find many different sites that provide Karaoke tunes for you to download. Some are even free, others charge a nominal fee. Be sure to check them all out.

If you love music and you love karaoke making your own Karaoke CDs and have a great time with your friends.


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