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New Moon Manifestation Ceremony - Manifest Your Biggest Dreams

Right from time, prayers have been a way of a communicating with God, the Spirit and the Universe as a whole.

Prayer is a wonderful way of reaching your inner thoughts, directing the flow of energy within you to the unseen but ever present spiritual realms in order to be in touch with the Superpower of Unlimited Resources.

This almighty power that’s already within us, has provided us with bountiful resources to progress and overcome every single challenge that we may face in life with no limits, no boundaries and endless possibilities, if we understand how to direct and use this power.

Prayer is another way of directing your thoughts to the higher power, your higher self and as God is already within you, this power is there for you to call upon round the clock.

Understanding how to pray in a clear, definite and objective way, initiating the ever present flow of energy is one key way to having outstanding results with prayers.

The pain and experiences of some who believe that their prayers go unanswered is possibility the fact that the energy flow within the mind while communing in prayer is of a diluted, doubtful or negative nature.

When you pray, you could not possibly expect something to work for you in a negative mind frame in prayer when in the true sense, it has to work through you.

In other words, you are the vessel and channel through which this “prayer requests”, this “prayer energy”, “this manifestation process” goes through.

Therefore, if the vessel is full of negativity, full of discord, full of lack, sadness, emptiness, jealousy, anxiety etc, then it would be almost impossible for this creative energy superpower to collaborate and work with you in manifesting your desires. Hence a total change in Prayer Mindset and Attitude is needed.

Okay, in developing the attitude of thoughtfulness that allow for the Astonishing Power of Prayers to manifest unlimited resources in your life, here are the key steps:

1] Gratitude in Prayer to Change Mindset

Start any prayer session with a feeling of gratitude. No matter the circumstance or condition you have right now, the key to a shift in mental attitude is to give thanks for what you already have. This can be a brief list, such as your ability to even read this, your health [proclaim vibrant health and you’ll always draw it to you] your family, relations, friends etc. Whatever you feel gives you gratitude no matter how small, put it down on your list and feel the feelings of gratitude as you go down your list.

2] De-Clutter the Mind

Clear your mind of clutter, so in prayer begin to feel positive about your prayer and ensure that you build in the feelings of having had it. This will help you direct the flow of energy in prayers from clutter to a change in the mental frame of mind towards victory.

Why is it so important to clean your mental home and have an uplifted spirit of joy, peace, confidence, faith and positivity?

Because this victory desire has to pass through you, in order to deliver your wishes. You are the channel, so you manifest what you are from within.

3] Clear Objective in Prayer

Develop a Clear and focussed objective in your mind for your prayer. So make it crisp clear exactly what it is you want and let your powerful mind force direct you in prayers. It’s best to keep your requests a few at a time rather than take on too much in one go.

When you have achieved results with the few, then you can focus on another with gratitude. This also gives you more confidence in your prayers.

4] Developed Absolute Faith in Prayer

Developing Unwavering Faith in your prayer is one key method that will transform your prayer into physical manifestation. Faith is something you develop through the challenges in your life, because you believe in the unseen but ever present spirit within you that is working on your behalf. You just need to focus on the outcome you want and have the absolute Faith that it’s on its way.

So you make your requests in prayer, you hold it there, you nurture it with Faith and Positivity in your daily living, you know that you may be taken through various routes but nonetheless your Faith will see you through in attaining your desires.

5] Consciousness of Your Desires in Prayer

At various times throughout the day, you need to direct your consciousness to your prayer desires and always affirm the positive with gratitude. As you do this, you will be drawing the magnificent energy power of your thoughts to your prayer desires.

6] Banish Fear

For your prayer to be at all hopeful in achieving the results you earnestly desire, you must banish fear from you consciousness. Replace any fear you have with positive affirmations and self talk that counteracts the negative energy which Fear transpires. So you can repeat affirmations like “I thank God for answered prayers as I stand firm in the power already given onto me” or “If God be for me, nothing can be against me”.

7] Be Patient

While you pray for fulfilment of desires, develop patience without anxiety or tension, as anxiety or tension works against you in drawing the things you desire further away from you. Just be patient knowing that any challenges you face is for your spiritual growth and development in prayers. How else would you learn to grow and mature, so as to be strong to also testify to others?

8] Be Prepared to Act Upon Intuition

Prayer also means your action at some point, so as you pray, be alert and be prepared to take the necessary action as your part in fulfilling your requests.

When the time comes that you need to act, you’ll feel the feelings and it will be like a natural progression of your definite purpose. There should be no anxiety, no pain, and it would be exciting and joyous to your soul. A feeling of absolute blessing that comes from within through prayers.

Source by Joy Obihara


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