How to Convert Beyonwiz (tvwiz) Files to Another Format

Beyonwiz makes some excellent PVR's which have a lot of flexibility. One of the main problems with it however is that although it can copy recordings to your computer, it is done in a proprietary .tvwiz format. This article covers how you can convert these file to play on your iPod or burn to DVD.

There seems to be a little issue with Beyowiz's PVRs. When you transfer the recording to a computer, it is in a proprietary format called .tvwiz which you can't play in anything. After a lot of searching, I have found a solution and though I would show everyone so other people running into the same problem can easily fix it.

First, you need to download a progam called Add-Remove .ts. This combines the multitude of files you will find when you transfer the recording into just one .ts file. It is incredibly easy to use and serves only this one purpose which it does nicely but it takes time. My movie took about 2 and a half hours to combine into one file.

After you have done this, you can either play the recording straight away with VLC player or you can convert this to a more easier to play file format so you can burn it to DVD or transfer it to your iPod with WinFF. It can convert almost any video file to any format you want. All you do is press the add button and use the drop down boxes to select the format and away you go. Now you can enjoy your Beyonwiz recordings anywhere!


Source by Murtaza Khanbhai

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