How Nestle makes billions bottling free water | AJ+

Nestle, the world's largest food and beverage company, bottles Michigan's water for next to nothing and sells it at great profit. And the state has just approved its ...

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  1. Bottled in plastic stored in fridges under florescent lighting and getting off on making you pay for it no less and creates another excuse to produce more plastic that can potentially end up in your rivers in poor communities it's disgusting

  2. I live in Stanwood michigan. Since the plant has been built and taking the water, it has actually dried up a well in the yard so we had to have the well moved. Also the pond we have in the front yard has become stagnant with barely a trickle in the summers. Whereas when I was a boy, I uses to fish outta that pond and watch my grandmother feed the catfish, you would see them coming by the hundreds to the surface of the water. Now it's just stagnant with algae. Not lives in it but frogs and snakes and turtles

  3. Nestle should not be allowed to do business!!!!!!!! Talk to the water Master of each county why so many different brands under 1 company just like kraft ,dupont, Marlboro etc.

  4. So if it’s highly industrialized-area the water isn’t good enough to get water to pump and sell by nesle So the big corporations know how industrialized areas water is not good. Hmmm . It’s like the big nestle corporation scientist are proving the negative impact of industry on the nations water. Clearly the science proves it. If they regulate the industry maybe we wont need to take water and bottle it …win win. Do we really need all that plastic produced with the forever chemicals getting in our water supply? They need plastic bottles. was it mentioned Native American lands? What are they getting out of it?

  5. TREASON!!!
    Allowing a foreign country, who's CEO has duel citizenship with Switzerland and America. Bribing their way in taking America's unalienable Rights WATER away. (PERIOD)

    Peter braubeck, should be tried as traitor.
    ANU U.S. Government official, STATE or federal, should be TRIED for TREASONOUS actions against their country.
    Under the U.S. Constitution;
    Not any American can allow their unalienable Rights, to be given. Coerced, bribed, or Sold away.

    This abominable!

  6. Science dude.. the answer to all our problems the religion of science. The answer to our water.. the answer to our so called globe earth.. the answer to having to pay for electricity … science… yeah that makes sense science. . If only the people who were the spokespeople took 1 hour out of their day to look into the "science" they would be appalled at themselves and their decisions to back these companies

  7. I am also not getting, why there is still no law to prohibit selling water in small bottles. It should be like 3gallons bottle. Then u come home and put to your everyday bottles. Nestle responsible for all that plastic garbage and people poisoning. Guess what's gonna happen to the plastic in the delivery trucks let's say in Houston? (where temperatures inside of trucks can be as high as 120-130F

  8. 9:09 she doesn't care as soon as she getting her paycheck bi-weekly. Poor people. You cannot work for the company which is sucking resources from the land for free. I would say same about any other natural resources. Companies are getting them for free and making profit. Same time we are buying and paying 100x for it.

  9. Nestle-stop your greedy nasty profiteering . Water is a fundamental human right. Stop producing plastic rubbish for landfill and robbing local people of a communal resource. So disgusted by this incomprehensibly wealthy company's utter lack of ethics and just basic care for others. Completely overleveraged on their moral capital!

  10. I am pleading with the CEO of Nestle from Switzerland to STOP this now!!! I refuse to purchase any nestle products until you sort this out. I am half Swiss, I am very particular about quality BUT I refuse to standby a company that is full of greed.

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