How Can The Senate Justify, Rolling - Over?

How Can The Senate Justify, Rolling – Over?

While, partisan politics, is, certainly, nothing new/ unusual, the level of partisanship, we current witness, is, far greater, than, at any time, in recent memory! Is this, because of the current occupant of the White House, or, has it, merely, made it, come – about, more rapidly, because of his attitude, rhetoric, and/ or, behavior? Time – after – time, this Senate, has behaved, more, as a rubber – stamp, than as a co – equal branch of government! Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who describes himself, as the Grim Reaper, has let hundreds of bills, passed by the House of Representatives, literally, die – on – his desk, not even permitting them, to come – up, for a vote! Since, President Trump, has, clearly demonstrated, he is willing to put his priorities, ahead of Congress’, by using funds, previously, allocated for other purposes, on, one of his pet – projects, such as his Southern Wall, the Congress approved, the major, significant, spending bill, for the present emergency, was approved, with a separate amendment, requiring, a Congressional Oversight Committee. The President vetoed this Amendment, and, although, it was originally, passed, overwhelmingly, the Senate, refused to override it! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 reasons, the Senate, needed to demonstrate, they were up – to, their responsibilities, etc.

1. Wall Street manipulation: In the past few years, we have been informed of a number of instances, where, there has been, some sort of manipulation, in terms of stock prices, etc! Indications of insider – trading, have been ignored, and/ or, minimized, especially, when influential friends of this administration, seemed to be indicated!

2. Trillion dollar deficit (because of the 2017 Tax Reform): Although, the President, and the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, stated, the 2017 Tax Reform (so – called), was a major – boon, to the middle – class, and would, bring about no financial short – falls, the reality, was, it primarily benefited, the wealthiest individuals, and largest corporations, and middle – class, and upper – middle class, realized little financial benefit. Especially, in states, with higher, state and local taxes (SALT), many, came – out, worse, because of this! The net – result, immediately, was a trillion dollar deficit, despite the promises, and empty rhetoric!

3. Constant lies: Many realize, and it has been stated, by political fact – checkers, this President has lied, or misstated the facts, at an alarming rate! How can that inspire most, to trust and believe him, and, why, would the Senate, if it was doing its job, responsibly, continue to authorize, the apparent, irresponsible behavior?

4. When will they put, Policy ahead of Politics?: Haven’t we witnessed, far too much, of politicians, who, put their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, ahead of the greater good, of those, they were elected, supposedly, to serve and represent? During, this present period, when so many, are suffering, both, in terms of health, and financial security (because of the necessary, shut – downs, for public health and safety reasons), how can they continue to behave, in the same – old, same – old, way? From, the, apparent, lack of preparation, and responsiveness, to the priorities, apparently, demonstrated, from this White House, if the Senate, refuses to take – a – stand, now, why would we believe, they, ever, would?

Wake up, America, and demand more, and better, or the ramifications, in the future, are, potentially, dire! Stop accepting the excuses, power – play, blind obedience, and partisan politics, and let your elected officials know, you expect far better!

Source by Richard Brody

Written by lyfer

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