How BIG is Coca-Cola? | Size, History, Facts

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34 thoughts on “How BIG is Coca-Cola? | Size, History, Facts

  1. What Coke does is blur the line between hydration and eating. Basically, you are eating sugar and daily consumption is actually dangerous causing onset of type 2 diabetes .

  2. Coca-Cola one of the marketers delight to study for it's distribution networks across markets.
    Fanta and most of its brands have made a mark in India including Diet Coke. Still there is awareness among young population that Coca is harmful in the long run.
    The company has work at that image of being customer friendly in future.

  3. well in "the rest of the story"…what really happened was Coke changed the sugar from "cane sugar/sucrose to high fructose corn syrup"…the taste was not the same, so they made up the whole "new coke" idea…really they never changed back and today's Coke is still "new Coke"…
    Unless you find "Mexican coke" which is made with cane sugar, the taste is lost in time

  4. If coka cola thinks only Black Lives Matter then maybe white ppl needs to stop buying it. We would matter too, blm is nothing but a bunch of violent thugs & any one that supports that,are just as bad.

  5. coca cola in the eastern world is considered overprices garbage
    pretty much everyone drinks offbrands

    also cola hires mercenaries in 3rd world to kill union leaders

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