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Millions of mobile phone users prefer to customize the tone of their devices. Enhancing the ringtone to your choice is basically not hard to do. Modern phones come with features that can manage downloadable tones. As a mobile phone user, do you ever wonder what a ringtone really is? This article will provide some insights on contemporary and classic mobile phone ringtones.

Older model of mobile phones use monophonic tones - melodies created through a series of notes played one note at a time- and were very popular during the 90's. Today, with sophisticated mobile phones there are additional ways in creating ringtones. Introduced after the popularity of monophonic tones are newer types including polyphonic tones and truetones which are widely used in modern mobile phones and smart phones. In addition, there are also several types of tone formatting along with newer mobile phones.

Monophonic tones are portable that it can be sent through short messaging system (SMS) from a mobile phone to another mobile phone or from a service provider to a mobile phone. Monophonic tones can also be created through a mobile phone's feature. Tone composition is very popular to mobile phones manufactured by companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, and other leading mobile phone manufacturers.

Polyphonic tones are melodies that are composed of two or more independent tones. As oppose to monophonic tones, polyphonic tones are better, "close to real" and more melodic. Most tones of this type are created through Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) protocol. However, though capable of producing good quality tones through its format, polyphonic tones are unable to represent real voices along with the tone. Polyphonic tones usually sizes up in KB's. This can be as low as 3KB for simple tones and can reach 16KB for longer tones.

Truetunes or sometimes referred to as "realtones" are the most precise and melodic type of ringtones available today. These are tones created close, similar or duplicate to the real audio source. Most truetones are created with formats MP3, ACC, WMV, and others. Popular songs that come with these extensions can easily be uploaded to a mobile phone capable of playing truetones. Smart phones are the latest innovations that are capable of producing truetones.

Ringtones offered by commercial companies or over the Internet are capable of being uploaded to mobiles phones developed with the latest technology. This includes tones that automatically configure settings to provide superb quality tone to the phone. In addition to these settings, most phones are capable of playing all three types. However, older mobile phones are not capable of playing polyphonic tones and truetones because of some hardware limitations. There are also mobile phones that cannot produce exact quality monophonic tones due to advance hardware installed with it.

Truetones are the most popular and convenient of all. Smart phones and other mobile phones can upload several songs using applicable formats for truetones. A song from a compact disk (CD) can easily be converted into one of the formats applicable for truetones and can be uploaded to a mobile phone at lower sizes. Most tones recorder for truetones come with sizes from 3mb to 6mb. These are full songs converted into other formats and can be played using mobile phones.


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