Hidden Underground City in the USA

Hidden Underground City in the USA New? Welcome! We are Kyle and Makenna Gott a young couple making travel couple vlogs. Kyle recently left the Air Force ...

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  1. Subtropolis is AWESOME! Now I've gotta go see it for myself! Thanks for sharing! When you get to St. Louis, there's a LOT of FREE STUFF to do and see: Forrest Park, right by the St. Louis Zoo (voted BEST in the U.S.!); the Arch "Gateway to the West" & the Museum of Western Expansion (part of the National Parks Exhibits – Lewis & Clark/Thomas Jefferson/Louisiana Purchase) ; the Anheuser-Busch Brewery; the St. Louis Science Center; the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (It's very impressive & beautiful); City Garden; the St. Louis Art Museum; Grant's Farm; Jefferson Barracks & National Cemetery (impressive – I've officiated at quite a few military burials there, being a preacher). The Jewel Box is a huge greenhouse, with butterflies, and only costs a dollar to get in. The Missouri Botanical Gardens & Japanese Gardens is a must-see in the spring, summer, & fall. Food is great in St. Louis, too! Go to Little Italy, to eat at Anthonino's Taverna, where you can order the original "Toasted Ravioli". There's great BBQ, too. (Oh! I almost forgot: if you go in the summer, go to the Muny (seating 10,000 in an outdoor theater). Also, go eat at Ted Drew's!

  2. Lol hope you all know in Missouri if you dont clear off all the snow on you vehicle the police can stop you and give you a huge ticket.. by the way wish you would stop in st.louis lol

  3. Please fully brush off your vehicle before traveling down the road. Including the roof. The roof can freeze into a solid piece and fly off your roof on the freeway smashing through the windshield of the car behind you. True story that happens all the time. Be safe out there you two!

  4. I’m just curious, why didn’t y’all wait a few months for the road trip? Like I would figure in General it would be better to do right after the winter where things are open and it’s warm and there’s much more to do?

  5. I had no idea that Lamar Hunt was the brains behind subtropolis  He was the original owner of the Kansas City Chiefs andpassed away a few years ago. I had heard about the underground facility but never knew it was open to public.

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