He's Finally Here! Sora Is Smash Bros. Ultimate's Last Fighter! – DISCUSSION

We still can't believe it's real, but what seemed like an impossible dream has finally come true: Kingdom Hearts' Sora is Smash Bros. Ultimate's final DLC fighter, ...

23 thoughts on “He's Finally Here! Sora Is Smash Bros. Ultimate's Last Fighter! – DISCUSSION

  1. I'm kinda getting annoyed with the "Mario is a Keyblade Wielder" joke because it's been shown multiple times you don't HAVE to be a Keyblade wielder to hold someone else's keyblade. Remember that Sora let Jack Sparrow hold his, and he had it in his hands for a couple of seconds before it teleported back to Sora. Mario held the Keyblade for arguably less time than Jack did.

    It's a nitpick but I've seen this brought up in group discussions way too many times with no one bothering to bring the Jack stuff up.

  2. I think I'll get a lot of hate for this, and I'm fine with that, but I'm personally happy there are no Disney-specific content in this, because honestly, seeing Mickey Mouse or any other Disney character would be so jaring.

  3. In terms of reused voice clips they are from dream drop distance. You can tell because a very specific dialogue that he says. Adding in the "let's go" but not ending combos with "it's over!" As he does in KH2 and KH3. Among other details.

  4. Definitely an end of an era to the game with the impossible collaboration. However, for me, I often think of it as a beginning. 

    Why? Because once they finalize the roster on the 18th, Smash Ultimate will finally reach the exact point that in most Fighting games, at least up until a couple of generations back, are when they first release to the public. For me, this is the start of truly workshopping the game and diving into the vast deep chasm of truly learning the ins and outs of the game. I'll have a billion things to experience, going forward.

  5. Honestly I’m relieved the dlc is over, I didn’t get my top picks (though Sora still pretty dope!) but at the end of the day, I’ve loved all the dlcs and I’m happy there’s no more anticipation and having to get “leaks” and rumours shoved down my throat anymore. That and Sakurai (I hope) can finally get a break.

  6. My girl Xion is in there as well to a certain degree. This makes me happy. Also, for the Smash Ballot, I 100% put Sora in. It IS my all time favourite game series of all time. One of my favourite entertainment products of all time

  7. I'm no Kingdom Hearts fan whatsoever but this was hands down such a fabulous way to not just end a DLC pass, but also end the Ultimate Smash game and potentially the Smash series.

    Having Disney's mark on a game like Smash Bros. that already has a dozen more marks from a dozen more big third party companies and gaming series is so magical and 'magical' is the best way I can describe the trailer. It felt like a homecoming for Sora, he's been in the talks as a newcomer for years since Sm4sh, not to mention he was the overall winner of the ballot, yet between us getting Hero in FP1 & primarily Seph in FP2 and Disney's notoriety apparently when it comes to IP distribution (game wise, I'm having a hard time seeing it when Wreck it Ralph was in a Sonic racing game, all the Marvel heroes are in Fortnite, they went & made Marvel UA3 a Switch exclusive, etc.), he was up there w/ Ridley & Banjo, probably higher, as far as impossibility for multiple factors rather than just one. But knocking down those expectations and ending on such a high note for millions of fans for such a wonderful crossover series that already gave us so much since 2014, forget 2018, pure unadulterated beauty, passion and respect is all I could see and all I could feel, I cried couple hours after the trailer when it all sunk in.

    It just felt like a beautiful swan song of a celebration, having the whole cast by what defined the Ultimate hype train, Mario being the one to summon Sora, the heavenly orchestral instrumental Simple & Clean playing as everyone's revived and Sora flying around, being happy & cheery to just be there as the music swells, no pun or quippy tagline either just acknowledging "Sora's finally here!", even to non-KH fans like me that was HELLA emotional that entire way through. This is exactly why while I'm on board with Smash rebooting, it's fair to assume Nintendo themselves, not Sakurai but Nintendo, would want to do more Smash in a decade or so for the next system like look how popular it is and how much money it prints Nintendo, I'd be content if Ultimate was just enhance ported to future hardware. As much as you can make future Smash games different or stand out more, we're never getting a game like Smash Ultimate ever again nor a Smash roster this ginormous and varied and people do not wanna let go of practically ALL of these characters.

    The trailer really felt like it emphasized how much of an event Smash is and I have nothing but sheer respect for Sakurai, Sora LTD., Bandai Namco and everyone else involved in making this entire series flourish, expand, become grander and grander and more and more fun and exciting, and it's bittersweet saying goodbye to all that, to such a wonderful experience we may never get again. 10/10 pick, 10/10 trailer, genuinely hope Sakurai spends a long ass vacation & a good one, same goes for all the developers & the whole team, and man… Super Smash Bros. is the coolest fucking thing ever.

  8. I'm happy for people who are happy. But I remain puzzled how a character who is, without exaggeration, doesn't even rate in the Top 100 most popular characters in his own game series and a character design that is aggressively generic rates a spot in Smash.

    Then again, I remain baffled how anyone's happy with a lot of these choices when icons like Crash, Ryu Hayabusa, Rayman, Tails, Dante, Phoenix Wright, Crono, Shovel Knight, etc. got left out. I know not everyone can be happy, but the selection process is just weird to me.

  9. I never believed the rumors that Disney rejected Sora because Disney has worked with Nintendo before, with exclusive games and a Disney TsumTsum edition Switch. Plus the rumor originated from a podcast that was taken out of context, and they even said they believe Sora will be added to Smash in that same podcast. I never played Kingdom Hearts myself, but I'm happy for Sora's inclusion because a lot of people wanted him, including a close friend. Unfortunately my most wanted character, Phoenix Wright, didn't make it in, but maybe next game.

  10. It's crazy to think that, with the Timeless River color variation, Smash of all places has a reference to Steamboat Willie. Reggie was right: this is the biggest crossover in entertainment

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