GOOGLE MAPS Secrets And Crazy Discoveries

Even more Easter Eggs, secrets, best images and craziest discoveries found on GOOGLE MAPS / EARTH. This is part of the Google Maps Easter Eggs series, ...

50 thoughts on “GOOGLE MAPS Secrets And Crazy Discoveries

  1. actually the "fugitive" was just a guy in an orange suit, im pretty sure he works for an engineering company, you can see the companies name on his back im pretty sure, and if you go in the direction he's heading you'll just see him talking to a bunch of people

  2. I think the Jurassic maze cannot be seen anymore I could not find it I can’t try google earth because it wants me to try it on a app but I don’t fell like doing it now

  3. On 4010 Co Road 230 it looks normal right? Well then turn into the Northwest direction and then there’s a dumpster fire? Idk it’s not a secret but just saying it’s kinda funny lol

  4. Unless some of these people have connections at Google or follow the Google car when they see it, it's wild to think done of this stuff goes on and not just a hoax. Like the pic of the guy doing the nasty with a chick on the balcony. Not on this video though before done of you spend an hour trying to find the time.

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