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Friday Faves

Hey hey and happy Friday!

The sun is out and I am feeling calmer and more energized all at the same time. I’ve struck a bunch of stuff off my to-do list, my daughter’s ACT test is done, our first dose of the vaccine is in our arms, and my calendar is cleared for a very welcome spring break.

Lately, when the weeks drag along and things become mundane, there’s a few things I’ve done to add a little spark and add some mood-boosting therapy to my day.

Here’s a couple of ways I add a little extra to my day:

  • Take a 5-minute brain break. Set your alarm, sit in a sunny spot, close your eyes, and let your mind wander ’til it’s time to get back to your task.
  • Buy a plant. I ALWAYS have a few phalaenopsis orchids from this florist in my home. Unlike those at the grocery store, they literally last for three to four months, and often more. I’m also a fan of picking up a little potted green plant and popping it into a simple pot like these.
  • Check in with a quick text. Sending a little “I’m thinking of you” or “Hey, what’s up” note through a text won’t totally upend someone else’s schedule like a phone call might, and feels just good doing it as getting it.
  • Drink a fizzy water. My husband gave up Diet Coke which is SHOCKING, so I’ve been supporting him by abstaining too. But I still crave the fizz. I discovered this sparkling water with a little caffeine that’s a tasty when I’m tired of plain old water, and I haven’t missed my DC’s much at all.
  • Avoid scrolling though social media or my news feed. I was shocked to see that I averaged over 5 hours PER DAY on my phone last week! Granted, I do a lot or research on my phone but I also waste a whole lot of time. Picking it up absentmindedly is one habit I am intent on breaking. Think of the more joyful things I could do in my day instead!
  • Give myself, or better yet my husband, a spa-worthy facial. Unlike me who takes one every single night, my husband doesn’t take tubs very often. But last weekend he did. Impulsively, I gave him a little spa treatment with the works: a face massage, warm steam, yummy face mask, eye treatment, and a scalp massage. Naturally, he loved it. I mean, who wouldn’t? BTW, I’ve mentioned it before, but I love this face cleaning device.
  • Eat the cake. I told my neighbor “NO NO NO!”, we don’t want any of your leftover birthday cake from one of our favorite bakeries (pic above). But he brought it over anyway. And it was divine. Sometimes, no matter how much you tell yourself you shouldn’t, you should just eat the cake. And sometimes for breakfast.

Who else is ready to break out of groundhog day? Hello spring! Let’s go!

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves. Enjoy!!

Good tips: How to tell an untellable story when you’re just not sure how.


With the blurred lines of work and home, this is the real type of rest you need relax now.

Absolutely amazing: The elderly Asian American woman who fought her attacker is donating $1 million dollars raised for her to the AAPI community. She is a hero and my idea of real American values fighting bigotry and racism personified.


A must read: The stigma behind Asian hate crimes in the AAPI community and why some are staying silent.

Here’s the reason coca-cola bottle have yellow caps right now.

48 creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. 

My grandma swore by it: How drinking lemon water changed her body.

I totally get this: An unlikely conversation starter: Social fruit.


Make it this social, pick-apart appetizer instead.

This 5 ingredient dinner is a weeknight savior.

These fave potatoes have been on repeat this week.


These scalloped potatoes get a French onion twist.

If you’re looking for an easy, color-coordinated Easter dessert, here you go.


Easy bunny cupcakes. Those ears tho.

This ground pork rice bowl looks AH-mazingly good and easy.

I’ve made her chocolate cream pie and now I HAVE to try this perfectly creamy pie for spring or Easter.


Lemon meringue!

This creamy pasta salad is begging for a backyard bbq.

An epic mini taco board will make your Tuesday taco day.

Teriyaki tofu.!!!!

Air fryer recipe alert: 1 BIG cinnamon roll.

This salad truly is a little gem.

How to find happiness if you’re feeling isolated and alone.

My new duvet is on sale. So if you’re in the market for one, I love it! Totally cozy.

It’s a real –> The dangers of fatphobia.

4 spring fashion trends a Parisian mom adopts from her daughters. I’m all about #3 and #4.

I don’t wear prints very often, but this summer dress could change my mind.

I bought this top and even though it’s described as oversized, it’s really big. So I returned it and ordered smaller and I love it. Order one size smaller if you do.

These sunglasses that take me back to my high school days are in my future.

Get crafty and make these DIY glow in the dark stars.

We’re remodeling our A-frame cabin and have too much inspiration so I’m gathering it together with these tips for how to put together a mood board. 

11 modern kitchen cabinets that are so much more.


A pro’s guide to choosing IKEA cabinets. You can see where my head is at.

Okay! That’s it for this week. Have a happy weekend, be safe, and keep wearing those masks.

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