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Caesar salad pasta

Hey hey! It’s Friday!

Caesar salad pasta

While cooking recipes like this Caesar salad with pasta above, no matter where I am in my kitchen, I look out windows. Over the years, I’ve discovered that feeling connected to the outdoors, especially while inside, is one of the most important factors to my happiness.

A few years ago we almost moved. The one-level, wood and beam ranch house with my fantasy walk-out backyard was what my Southern California architectural design dreams are made of. The house was tucked far back off the street, down a lane and hidden by trees on all sides so nobody could look in, and we couldn’t see others when we looked out. My husband and I wondered if we’d actually like being removed from the neighborhood action we’re so used to. We’re the people who chat with the neighbors walking their dogs, keep an eye out if someone is out of town, and shake our heads in disbelief as we watch that crazy guy ride his bike up and down our incredibly steep hill as if he’s a mountain goat on wheels.

When warmer weather hits, and the neighborhood emerges from their winter cocoons, I enjoy the neighborly banter and quick visits with those who live around us. I love sitting on our front deck and seeing the season change as the snow melts from the mountain crevasse above our house, the trees leaf and the flowers grow and bloom, and watching the variety of birds that chase, dart, and fly by as they visit our feeders.

Every day is different and I remind myself how important it is to take the time to stop and look. Sure, I’d love a daily view of the Pacific ocean, a pristine lake or a serene pasture, and yes, the isolated views of the house we didn’t buy. But my view from here is pretty great, and every day I thank my lucky stars I have it.

What’s the best thing about the view outside your window? Take a look, and make sure to see.

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

If you’re a note taker like me, take note of these tips.

Progress –> How to add pronouns to your Instagram bio.

5 tiny life upgrades that don’t cost a thing.

How to host a summer party on a budget. I am SO ready!

I made this salad on Sunday and have been eating it all week long (so good with lavash to make as a wrap!)

These tostadas are born from Mexican food meets grill food.

Anything wrapped in bacon is better, especially chicken.


An easy, creamy sauced chicken recipe is what weeknight eats are all about.

All I need is a hunk of bread to go with this shrimp dish.

Try this flavor bombed hummus for perking up your apps.

This pad thai inspired salad is gonna make your potluck.

This fish dinner and it’s toppings are certified healthy delicious.


This cajun fish dinner looks supremely tasty (and easy.)

Grab the straws, it’s tasty iced latte season.

For any parent out there, here’s how to make nuggets in the air fryer.

An asparagus salad that makes the meal.

A new cookbook round-up for so many flavorful needs.

I’ve stopped collecting things (besides cookbooks), but if I did, this glass collection is so good. 

If you’re looking for solar landscaping lights, my neighbor installed these and they are awesome.

This chiminea will add some serious design cred to your fire pit.


If you’re into camping, this outdoor stove will totally up your game.

OMG I would totally live here (if I was a whole lot smaller.)

14 kitchen shelving ideas to streamline your space.

Get your camera ready: 20 wacky roadside attractions for your next road trip.


Add this underwater sculpture park to your bucket list.

Some good tips for booking cheap flights. 

I’ve put away my regular beach towels in favor of Turkish towels like these that dry quick and I can use as a wrap.

This dress would be perfect as a summer wedding guest.

What comes around goes around: I think I wore a sundress just like this when I was in third grade for my aunt’s wedding.

And finally, this is what I need! –> 8 hacks to make time for reading and finishing books.

My laptop’s battery is about to die so I guess that’s it for this week. Have a delicious weekend!

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