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Cinnamon rolls

Aloha and happy Friday!

Cinnamon rolls

Yes! It is true! Spring break is here and we are on our first vacation since 2019 and it.feels.AMAZING! With strict travel rules and entry testing seriously enforced, being masked in Hawaii feels freeing in so many ways.

Because we have antibodies, we had to apply for an exemption from being tested, which was a task upon itself, but we did it and we made it. Sadly, a family going through entry at the Maui airport didn’t have the correct tests done before traveling. They were forced with the choice to fly back to Los Angeles to be tested (of which there were no flights that night) or strictly quarantine in a state-approved hotel for 10 days where they couldn’t leave their rooms. Watching the dad explain what was happening to his 8 year old daughter just about broke our hearts. It was another case where it pays to do your homework and triple quadruple check before.

Of course I couldn’t leave you hanging, but the sun and snorkeling is beckoning so this week’s Friday Faves will be short and sweet. Have a happy, happy Easter and get out and enjoy some sun!

We’ve seen ’em! Why Hawaii is perfect for rainbows.

I like a good hike, but this woman who trekked a 1,200 mile ice-age trail in the dead of winter took it to an entirely different level. What a boss!

I am very excited to see this giant tiny art show.

Feast on these recipes from America’s National Parks. 

15 habits that will turn you into a clean-as-you-go cook.

We had amazing cinnamon rolls from this super popular bakery here on Maui,


These cinnamon rolls are still my fave to make at home.

Get a little taste of Maui with this light and healthy, crunchy avocado salad.


These homemade Hawaiian rolls look insane too.

Good to know: How to convert cake recipes into cupcakes.

This gorgeous spinach salad is a flavor explosion for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

These Asian-style chicken and noodles are my kind of dinner.

This mac ‘n cheese looks totally gouda.

Put an Easter bunny on it:

This noodle stir-fry is for all the veg lovers out there and in here too.

Pickled eggs!

I’m not a lamb fan, but if I were, I’d make this. 

If you’re an introvert, or know one, these words make a lot of sense.

5 spring make up must haves.

I have worn this dress so much on this trip I’m going to have to get another one when I get home. Good thing it’s on sale!

These sandals are on my list and my only problem with them is deciding between black, white, or tan??!!

Summer called and said to bring this tote with you.

The worst home-staging advice realtors have ever heard.


10 great apps for room layout and design.

Spring. Rebirth. Is it time for a spiritual cleansing?

Because we all need ’em: 14 home trends to bring you positive vibes in 2021. 

Okay! That’s it for this week. Have a happy spring weekend, be safe, and keep wearing those masks.

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