Forgotten Tunnels Under Chicago – EXPLORING The History of Chicago Tunnels – IT'S HISTORY (VIDEO)


40 thoughts on “Forgotten Tunnels Under Chicago – EXPLORING The History of Chicago Tunnels – IT'S HISTORY (VIDEO)

  1. BIG NEWS! WE ARE BACK! SO "SMASH THAT BELL" 👍 In the meantime, we are happy to address any questions about the channel in the comment section of this video before the video launch.

    We are excited to announce the return of IT’S HISTORY, with a special episode premiering later this week about the forgotten Chicago tunnel system. Moving forward, a particular emphasis will be placed on the idea that urban decay exposes the remains of bygone eras and faded societies. In discovering the stories of abandoned monuments of the past, we can experience the most tangible form of time. Upcoming episodes will be hosted by Ryan Socash of the channel ​Kult America , who some viewers may recall from the URBEX adventure he organised to Ukraine with Indy Neidell and ​The Great War​. Socash has also been a long time producer of IT’S HISTORY and associate of channel founder, (Spartacus Olsson / TimeGhost History​ ).

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  2. Supposedly la Crosse WI has a underground tunnel system also, the old store I worked in had a patch in the basement wall towards the main street in the old coal room, the neighboring building also had patches in the basement also covering up the spot to the tunnel

  3. I don't mean to insult Chicago, but it is called Chiraq for reason! you can't go anywhere not City without getting mugged… unless you're on the Main Street and that is if you're a tourist.

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  5. So Chicago through the book at a guy who entered a piece of history but man they can’t do anything about their gang problems …..

  6. As a former Chicagoan, I knew none of this. But I do find it fascinating, and I do recognize familiar buildings in those old photographs.

    It seems that even in the 19th Century dirty coal was a problem.

  7. My dad was a plumber that helped build many of the high rises in Chicago. He told me about these tunnels many years ago. His knowledge of old Chicago was amazing. My grandfather was a plumber who helped build the Merchandise Mart.

  8. A few years ago a company was hired to seal a portion of the tunnel under the Kennedy expressway downtown. They pumped the tunnel full of concrete. The tunnel then swelled up causing a huge bump accross the expressway that sent cars flying. After a bunch of accidents the expressway was shut down for repairs causing a backup from Wisconsin to Indiana.

  9. It’s crazy that someone served 16 years out of a 25 year sentence just for trespassing in and exploring the abandoned tunnels of Chicago while real criminals in Chicago routinely get away with much more severe crimes like murder with little to no punishment.

  10. I was very lucky to have been granted access about 10 years ago. I worked on installing some conduit for fiber between buildings. Got to explore the tunnels with and engineer who spent years in the tunnel system. I have tons of great photos and even found some train cars submerged under water. We were told everything was removed after the flood when they allowed the scrappers down in the tunnels to clean them out, however there were areas they never got to. We went through a long process to get access including homeland security. I’m so glad I had the chance to explore

  11. In the mid 80 I was a concrete cutter and had access to the the tunnels it was amazing how thick the concrete was
    That was a great job I got to see a lot of things around Chicago but now I’m a old man with great memories of the things I got to see

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