Father's Day Gift Guide 2022 | MsGoldgirl

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022 | MsGoldgirl

15 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day, Birthdays or Holidays Need graduation gift ideas still? Check this out: https://youtu.be/dRqzViU56ZQ …


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Written by Marnie Goldberg

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  1. I have got my dad cherry liqueur chocolates, some fancy flavoured crisps, a notebook with the periodic table on it and some socks that look like takeaway coffee cups! My other ideas are: a food hamper, an experience ( concert, gift card to a DIY/home improvements store…), a beer/cheese/wine subscription box…

  2. I love your gift guides! Yeti for the win. My most successful recent gifts for guys: a high end tote bag (leather handles, thick navy canvas), a small Italian leather credit card/ID sleeve, washable silk pillowcases, neck/shoulder massager (wireless, hands-free) and finally, a small case filled with luxury "every day carry" items – pen, small notebook, pocket knife, charger & cable, and lip balm. Finally, a shout out for the ground covers and blankets from Rumpl. My go-to guy gift and great to keep in the car.

    I also love your youthful look here. Sleek hair and make-up and a pretty pop of blue from the simple dress – all effortless-looking and flattering. So pretty.

  3. Thanks for the nice gift selection! I got my hubby a device to make fishing flys (his new hobby) and a noce pair of water resistant shorts for beach/fishing days and a beautiful light weight button down to match and a book … I like the grooming ideas for my 20 year old son, he is very in to grooming LOL … Happy anniversary! Ours is the 26 year on June 23

  4. Hi Marnie, Thanks very much. Buying for the men in our lives is challenging and you provided some great Father's Day gift ideas. My husband enjoys some books. He likes Vince Flynn books and Joel Rosenberg books. They are adventure packed. My husband also loves golf. The sending a bunch of links to you is a good idea too. Have a nice week! Xo, Karen

  5. These are great ideas! I know your channel is primarily women’s clothes/make-up and I love that, but could you do a fashion episode for older men? My husband dresses like Jungle Jack Hanna. His pants must have 27 pockets even though he only uses 2. He wears hiking boots but the only place he hikes is to the grocery store. His closet is bigger than mine yet most of his clothes are from Eddie Bauer, North Face and Patagonia. All great stores, in moderation. I really need help, but I’m at a loss. Come on ladies, how do your husbands dress?

  6. My advice is to always listen for clues. Last year my elderly dad was talking about the powdered shakes and concoctions he makes twice a day, and he mentioned how much stirring he has to do. Loving my own personal blender, I immediately ordered one for him. He didn’t realize they existed! He loves his and mentions it almost every time I see him.

  7. I have purchased SO many of your gift ideas over the years (Father’s Day, Christmas etc.) To this day my husbands favorite scotch is the Glenmorangie scotch that I first purchased several years ago. This year I’m going to try the jack black set and the 5 in 1 wash (as well as a Lego set from his “wish list.”). He is a grown man that still LOVES legos. Thanks for all of the great recommendations!

  8. Already purchased the convertible garment that you’d mentioned in one of your previous videos. The kids and I every year for Father’s Day & Xmas have a serious thrown down competition of who thought of an actual gift for my husband as opposed to a gift card 😂. And I’m being serious where the competitive side really gets personal 🤣.
    W//that said , my husband is a 22 year retired U.S. Marine , and so the elements of functionality, AND NEATNESS are PARAMOUNT 👍!
    This recommendation you gave totally checks all the boxes especially in the color choices 👏! This is perfect for him , but now his mad skills at packing in under 5 minutes or less w/still having department store creases in his pants, shirts & suits is a huge bonus 🤗.
    And this is why I LOVE watching your channel, and always get excited when I see your recommendation thumbnails 🥰!
    You do such an amazing job Marnie at being so relatable and knowledgeable in all my interests 🫶😊.

  9. Marnie your ability to find NEW recommendations is astounding to me lol 😂 How LONG did it take you to find these??!? You’re awesome girl!!! I’m definitely buying a couple of these items but not just for gifts but a couple will be for me as well! Cheers to another great recommendation video! 🥳🤩😎

  10. I bought the first razor you recommended a fee years as ago, and he loves it. We also love the Jack black lip balm here in our house. 🙂 I think those polos and the Apple Watch band will be some gifts this year. Shhh..don’t tell 😂

  11. I love your mens gift ideas! This past christmas I purchased several of your mens christmas gift recommendations and they were a hit! Thanks for doing this video; as for a suggestion, my husband and son love Lululemon shorts, swim trunks and shirts, Lulu is expensive but the quality is excellent and last for a very long time.

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