Far Cry 5 Was Great... But The Ending Was TERRIBLE!

Far Cry 5 Was Great… But The Ending Was TERRIBLE!

Far Cry 5 was a great game for the 35 or so hours that I played it. It is designed as the type of game that you can play after the main story is complete. Side quests galore with a giant map to explore, it is a true sandbox. Unfortunately, Far Cry 5’s developer, UBISOFT, decided to give the main story a terrible ending. Without spoiling it (until you watch the video review, of course) the game’s ending disincentivizes further game exploration. It may simply make you stop playing the game and move on to something else, rather than continue to play it like a multiplayer-focused game or a deeper game like Fallout 4. Watch the video for a more detailed analysis and review of Far Cry 5’s ending.




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  1. The ending was the biggest letdown I had in a long time in a game.
    It was so much fun to do the missions, try out new tactics and rescue innocent people from the maniacs. And in the end, all for nothing and you should have been listening to the nutcase running the show and killing people… I deinstalled the game and will not play it again. It's ruined for me.

  2. Now a lot of people dislike the nuclear ending, but I think it was okay, because it kind of/sort of makes sense. Now it might be confusing to some people who think "How did the Cult get a nuke?" and "Why would they nuke themselves?"

    But if you were paying attention to the details in the game there was basically two stories being told, one was the main game where you fight the cult, kill Joseph's siblings, and get your co-workers back. While the second story was actually all the events leading up to the nuclear detonation.

    To find the second all you have to do is listen to the radio in the car. When ever music isn't playing, you can listen to the radio host talking about the news which changes as you go on through the game, but not all news relates to the nuclear war.

    The first few news articles you hear don't relate to the ending such as people are forgetting and not celebrating Clutch Nixon, there's a drought in Montana, and that there is a recent lack of law enforcement workers. But some of the bigger stories you hear on the radio in the beginning of the game is that the United States is on the brink of another economic depression, the US is enforcing more sanctions, and that both the United States and North Korea withdrew from the nuclear ban treaty.

    Now later in the game the nationwide and worldwide secondary story begins to escalate and get more drastic which could explain if you begin to wander why the military hasn't come to help you fight the Cult in Hope County. So, if my memory is correct, the less relevant news you hear the host say is to support the local baseball team, that a soldier from Butte, Montana died in Afghanistan, and that there was a terrorist attack in Moscow. And now these next news headlines will begin to help you understand the ending of Far Cry 5. These stories include the United States enforcing food rationing, on the brink of declaring martial law, North Korea continuing to do nuclear tests, and the president being evacuated from the White House.

    So, if you are part of that group of players who don't think it was the Cult that set off the nuke, then why would an outside country nuke, like a comment I read on Anthony's livestream, "NY, DC, LA, but Montana?" Well this is actually easier to explain why Hope County and nearby areas of Montana are target. While the earlier comment I quoted would be correct on those cities being targets of an attack, the actual primary targets of a nuclear strike are strategic locations, mainly naval bases with nuclear submarines and military bases or airfields with nuclear missiles or bombs, that way that attacking country has a chance of stopping that nuke or nukes from retaliation, while cities are a secondary target, but some times you can get both targets in one strike like in the case of San Diego, CA and Norfolk, VA both have major naval bases near major population centers. In real life, Montana and nearby states are packed full of nuclear missile silos, and in the case of Hope County, if you noticed, 2/3 of the bunkers you clear out are nuclear missile silos which is why Hope County and the rest of Montana is a realistic place to see a nuclear attack occur in a nuclear war.

    This final part of this comment is my personal opinion on the ending of Far Cry 5. Now it would be way more satisfying if you actually get to arrest Joseph Seed, but with the political and social climate backstory Ubisoft Montreal put in this game, I would say out of the 3 potential endings, the nuclear ending was my favorite and I liked it, because when I first played the game I was completely surprised and had the same reaction as everyone. But when I played the game again and payed more attention to the details, took my time through the story, and did some outside research, the ending made sense to me. I bet everyone was so focused on the story when you were arresting Joseph that you probably didn't even hear the sirens going off before the explosion. And just another quick opinion, it would have been more realistic if it was an EMP attack rather than a nuclear attack.

  3. i felt like the ending was really condescending. it's like they were being critical of you for solving everything with violence in a game they meticulously designed for you to do violent things in an interesting and compelling ways. if there was some way- other than doing nothing at the very beginning similar to farcry 4- to resolve the issues with the three family members that would be one thing but to my knowledge the only way to progress is to kill the family members.

  4. I think the ending(s) of this game result from a trend in our culture – philosophical premises that our efforts have little to no efficacy and that our fates are largely (if not completely) outside of our own governance. From what I can tell, this may also be observable in movies such recent Star Wars films. I don't think that these FC5 endings were strictly the result of incompetence or laziness, as virtually every person who played this game is able to imagine several better endings in under 5 minutes (and likely have done so in their hearts; feeling restless, as if having heard a song end on an unresolved chord).

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