Fallout 4 – 'Neighbourhood' – Vault 88, Underground City (PS4)

Another monster build (definitely doing something much smaller next time!), this one took me months. Heavily modded & settlement size glitched to the max.

26 thoughts on “Fallout 4 – 'Neighbourhood' – Vault 88, Underground City (PS4)

  1. When I see these behemoth builds all I think about is how long it took and was getting the right materials like copper and other shit something that forced to slow down production highly

  2. Is this in the main area or did you extend it to the other area's of the Vault? As I'm tempted to do it with mine but that means the residents probably getting lost somewhere

  3. I wanted to make a city where the residential district is at the top of the vault hanging off of the walls, and the rest is a shopping, work, and trade district.

  4. Looks good. it's like diamond city market+good neighborhood. I hate the idea it always have dark sky + looks like a slum (although i like the mix of here and there), so I make a medium high wall so it'll always bright. Plus i hate cave exposure. Feels like they can fall anytime.

  5. Some really nice ideas here. Youve done a good job, such a shame those of us on ps4 cant have more settlers and Make the epic builds we create feel alive 🙁 with settlers.
    Check out my Sub terra and wasteland builds on my channel, I think youll like them 😉

  6. Nice build! I like the way your bank looks and the way you used the train tunnels (fallons store) and the concession stand using pipe pieces. Also the bar at the top is a really cool idea as well! Really great stuff!

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