Epic Ghost Town Abandoned Underwater Revealed!

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20 thoughts on “Epic Ghost Town Abandoned Underwater Revealed!

  1. Coldwater, Mississippi. (I think it's in senatobia, I dunno.)
    Arkabutla Lake Was Made.
    70 People Died, 90 People Lost Their Home.
    What The Town Looked Like Is Unknown.
    Half of The Town Remains Underwater, Right Now For View There Is Only About 4 Remains Of Coldwater.
    1859 – 1942

  2. This is a fascinating place. Imagine people lived in that town, worked, raised families. It was their life. Wish someone was with you. I worry about you alone in desolate places.

  3. Power pole stays cable is applied to pole. Then looped to stays. They were actually screwed in to the ground. More precise" anchors" as it were. the lighter style was for phone. Poles vs the bigger for power.poles. combat engneer.

  4. Those metal rods towards the end of your video were for guide/support cables for telephone or power poles. They used solid rods because they would not rust away as fast as cables would if they were buried in the ground.

  5. Interesting video, Matt. Makes me wonder if some of those concrete squares were graves. That would be sad if they flooded people's resting places. Hopefully, they moved them to higher ground.

  6. I was thinking the same when you came across those "gravestones"?
    The town most certainly had a small cemetery and i hope all the bodies were relocated elsewhere
    if not what a terrible terrible disservice to the ones who passed and to their family and loved ones!!

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