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48 thoughts on “Enter the Secret Pagan Underground | Cities of the Underworld (S1, E12) | Full Episode | History

  1. Wonder why they felt the need to call them pagans in every sentence? At least by the later years they had clearly Christian symbolism. It's a big tell when propaganda repeats so often.

  2. I spent a lot of time on Google Mars about 8 years ago and got incredible screenshots of what appeared to be creatures (got the crab thing!), buildings, construction equipment, lights in crevices, wide swaths of huts or small dome-like buildings, and numerous cliff carvings, statues and other colossal faces on the surface. Also many (what looked like) water puddles before NASA began to hint there was surface water on Mars. Many trashed and obviously artificial items scattered about the surface. Also what appears to be partially underground subway or tunnel system that runs north to south. You can trace it all the way down as it appears at the surface and then goes underground again. I did a few vids on the subject, but got tired of being accused of having faked them and so made them private. I tell ya, there is a LOT going on there, past AND present. Were they just purposely messing with the satellite images? That's a possibilty. I mean, the pics are astonishing.

  3. Im not so sure this was built by a Bronze Age Culture or any civilization that came after it. Im sure they used it and contributed to some of its fearures. It's just too much of an anomaly. Through out the entire world for all of human history back to Mesopotamia we have built up to keep out invaders. We build huge walls and garrisons. These dudes just decided to bore out an entire mountain?

    In my opinion this was originally built thousands of years earlier to help protect against a threat from the sky. Whether it was due to abnormal behavior from our sun or a possible large meteorite strike or maybe a grouping of smaller meteorites that hit over a rather small time frame, people would need to burrow into the ground to survive the calamitous effects any of them would have caused. If the event was terrible enough, only the people furthest away would have any chance of survival. It's almost certain that a massive meteorite strike that took place in, for example,, North America would have totally wiped out any evidence of a civilization that may have existed there. People living in Europe may not have even known what the cause was for the effects they were witnessing like the sun being blocked out, temperatures dropping and wild fires caused by molten rock falling from the sky. They would have had to flee south to escape the cold or even north if weather conditions caused by more favorable wind currents over modern day Turkey was the only refuge for survival. Some scientists say there is evidence of a massive meteorite strike around 9,600 BC and others dismiss it. All I am sure of is we really don't have any clue about our true human history.

  4. That was the time when Constantine is preparing his son to be and take over oppressor as Jesus christ ,,still teaching lies this videos are wrong. is in the Bible Book. Europeans is Esau tribe according to the Bible Book he came later after the dark skin tribes ..is the Bible explain each of the tribes,, lighter skin tirbe came until its said in Genesis of the begining of times.

  5. Y'all are trying to mis lead us… They took refuge under ground because the polls shifted in water was taking land I don't know why you people always try to lie and mislead the public when you already know what chase them underground and into mountains

  6. Sooo, am I the only one wondering why this video is titled PEGAN underground cities when it talks about CHRISTIAN underground cities. Pretty sure those are opposites History Channel.

  7. Very soon, during the 7 year “Tribulation” period, those who take the mark on their right hand or forehead, will beg the caves to fall in on them and hide them from the face of God.
    The tremendous global floods are purging the underground bases that the underground wicked have been preparing to defeat Jehovah. God is keeping all those who hate Him in derision.
    The “Redeemed of the Lord” do not know the day or hour but are expected to know the season.
    The “Feast of Trumpets” is a two day event, and the next feast to be prophetically fulfilled.
    One third of the Bible was written in advance of the event that were perfectly described when later fulfilled. Eighty percent of these prophetic passages have already been literally fulfilled and the remaining prophecies left to be fulfilled, describe the “Tribulation” period, “Millennium”and the “Great white throne Judgement”.
    The miraculous, reborn, sovereign Nation of Israel celebrated their 73rd birthday last May. The generation that sees Israel become a nation again, will not collectively pass away before all the prophecy concerning this time, to the end of the 7 years of horrific judgement are complete.
    I am part of that generation and becoming more excited every day. My continued prayer is for a global revival like the world has never witnessed before.
    “He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose”.
    Revelation 3:20 KJV

  8. Hey guys check out this video title "Mister Daniele Mars: Perseverance Rover – find a fascinating and misterious area" video shows area that looks like this, and is not Earth, should WOW you…was there or is there life on Mars.!?

  9. Americans are so, so, SENSITIVE.

    Let us pretend that the people and animals living in these underground cities – for centuries – created NO waste. So, maybe sometime you could address this fairly important issue.

  10. I would love to see a regular show, following up on what is being uncovered. Since they believe their are hundreds, and haven't all been found, it could make for tons of great material for a show that is just dedicated to this. I listened to this while I was driving, and could only peek when I stopped. I had to come back tonight, so I could really see it all! This is one of the most amazing shows I have seen on here. I know I'm late, so if there is more follow-up, I hope someone directs me to it! Wow just wow!

  11. Seriously every country should have at least a couple of underground cities for when the earth's temperature rises and there's nowhere else to go but space and underground… 🤗

  12. Maybe we should just restore the old version of this game right now and publish this one with actual information and maps topographic,Oceanic and ?????)

  13. The Hittites were wiped out by YHWH just like He said he was going to. All the Ancient Pagan civilizations mysteriously vanished because Yeshua Messiah coming to Earth wiped them out. His Kingdom is no joke and Us, his warriors, have been doing our work for 6000 years.

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