Elon Loses It AGAIN, Toilet Paper Psyop & Global Economic MELTDOWN

Elon Loses It AGAIN, Toilet Paper Psyop & Global Economic MELTDOWN

Today, Luke and Tim dive into global economic events that lead them to believe that not only is the US economy crumbling before our eyes, but so is the larger global economy. Topics discussed today include:

*Trade War with China
*Supply Chain Break Down
*Toilet Paper Psyop
*Elon Musk’s Bizarre Twitter Rantings
*Canada’s latest gun laws
*and so much more!

So what’s the answer to resolving the many issues the world is currently facing? Decentralization, of course!

Remember to always take care of yourselves and love each other!

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  1. Fact is that sum 1 will create neurolink indeed sum lesser versions have been around 4 some time now. Not even Elon can stop that. This progression cannot b stopped. Like it or not we r all just hanging on 4 the ride, and 2 quote Terrence McKenna "it's only gonna get weirder n weirder."

  2. What are you worrying about guys, 30 million unemployed, 6.2 billion bail-out, 24 biljon in debt, the complete economy shut-down, etc. !? Listen to yesterdays interview of Dan Bongino with THE Trump himself : everything will be fine, the dollar is strong, we have oil for free, Barr is a cool guy doing a great job and next year will be amazing, only ……..I hope I did not starve by that time……

  3. Has anyone analyzed the toilet paper shortage to see where the break in the supply chain was? There has to be some investigations on this. Does all the toilet paper come from china? Are there any toilet paper manufacturers in the USA? Luke break the story on the toilet paper shortage.

  4. Your toilet paper shortage is because you're all dirty arses
    this is what we've been using since ages, it's called bidet
    I know, your bathroom is not prepared for installing one of these… but you can attach a device like this one to your toilet during the crisis
    look how happy look these people for having their arse clean for the first time in their life lol!

  5. Odds of dying from this virus: 1 out of 34,000. Odds of dying from a car incident 1 out of 5,500. According to total deaths straight from google. I think we need safer cars otherwise maybe everyone should stop driving. Then possibly, one day, driving might be as safe as the virus.

  6. No other auto maker has ever offered a self powered truck. All the other auto makers make people dependent on big oil. Elon went against the system of the elites grabbing money from the working class by putting out electric vehicles and solar and batteries for homes that make people independent from bastards like PG&E. When he complains about the cv lockdown being fascist I agree. I’m an electrician and my work installing battery backup power for people in California is being delayed indefinitely and the Relife money isn’t showing up either! 🤬

  7. Tesla cyber truck for off grid living? Far from it. Unless 60 amp 220 volt ac outlets grow out of trees. The minimum charger connection, if I remember correct, is 30 amp at 220 vac. It could be done but one would have to make quite an investment in a personal solar farm. With the price of solar equipment, and how long it lasts, it is far cheaper to get a gas engine truck.

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