EARTHGANG in the trap! with Karlous Miller and Clayton English!

The coldest podcast is back with the HEAT! Earthgang is in the trap with Karlous Miller and Clayton English spitting bars and dropping gems! You might know ...

40 thoughts on “EARTHGANG in the trap! with Karlous Miller and Clayton English!

  1. Usually this channel has at least 1 mill views or close to a mill this is 1 of the best videos I see ppl still sleep on earth gang I see. 💙 I didn't even know I needed this been a fan since 2016

  2. Being from New Orleans it’s bittersweet, the love we get from others far as our music & our culture is beautiful….but far as the structure of the city & the cost of living it’s horrible 😓😓.

  3. On my grind and staying thirsty. Can't slow down. I'm in a hurry. They be there at 9 but I hit the ground at 7:30. Got a job but I ain't working. Keep it real. I never worry. Think he on my mind and he think he tight, but he ain't worth it.

  4. I use a cyhi the prince hook to motivate my 4 kids
    I say what's the motto they say
    "Don't be good be great"
    I love cyhi for that song still heavy in rotation and my kids get it good ain't good enough and they stand by it!!!

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