Dua Lipa – Live at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2021 4K Full Show

Setlist: 1. Physical 1:14 2. New Rules 5:08 3. Love Again 8:58 4. Hallucinate 12:54 5. Levitating 17:16 6. Don't Start Now 21:30.

46 thoughts on “Dua Lipa – Live at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2021 4K Full Show

  1. Every girl out there with a cute voice and her songs could have this success.
    Performing her songs after a year live on stage and she’s out of energy thinking like what to eat after the show .
    She is talented but boring.

  2. “Love Again” is a diabolical song. It talks about cursing god and loving the devil (again) it mentions heaven is here or it should be here -in terrenal lust. We catholics don’t forget god and await his paradise and we do not curse our lord! We love god over everything! Specially comercial music and music industry who is well known to use a massive delivery of condemning messages over and over again…This girl has talent with her voice it is too bad that talent is beginning to be use by those who aim to withdraw your souls from you.

  3. Lo único que yo note es que se le cayó el tirante del vestuario jejej y que no llega a notas altas no sabe cantar pero es bonita y es lo que interesa hoy en día

  4. Also its auto tune, what dancing people? JLO is dancing! Thats def, but this is not dancing, but she will never be able to dance like JLO or Britney they are professional dancers! All 3 sing at the same level. I mean I switched off after 1st song, but to b objective I watched again till the end. I mean common its even worse after that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is back vocal to push her through???? I changed my mind its not auto tune, because its so bad! xx p.s. still love her for workability though, great looks n funky song lyrics!

  5. I dont understand "Why your asses are burning?" I think I left very good comment!!! =) Mayb lets say she is amazing just like Adele, Sade, Toni Braxton etc. She never was, but used to sing & here is a key word 4 all Dum & Dummer "LIVE" better!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all. Again looks amazing! its not like Madonna was ever good singer, but brilliant as entertainer! Brilliant songs, videos, charisma. Sorry some people want know the meaning of last epithet!!!!!! Ha ha, Chill & read some books! xx

  6. makes no sense this stunning beautiful woman and her voice and songs yet the industry insists on over the top theatrics to almost drown her ou.t?? im confused..her song, her voice… sure pay tons of money on the lights an d not so hot dancers… why ? give it up…yeah Dua slays…. realize and let her shine…put your dumb money back in your little dick pockets…ciao xxx

  7. OMG!! What a talented woman! Obviously her singing brought us here, but I love to see her Live performing and her dancing is hard with those disco beats, you can see the way she exhales every time a song ends… and that smile tho… I hope i can see her Live someday and i really wish she can have a long live, so that way can keep sharing us her talent!

  8. me parecio a mi o estaba re incomoda Dua? se la veia como preocupada, la cara no era la mejor… actuo re bien como siempre pero me parecio que no estaba comoda.. algo le pasaba.

  9. Great performance
    Used to think it was comical, now I just cringe seeing all the masked ppl playin follow the leader, undoubtedly all vaccinated too…

  10. Tolik tance ke zpěvu, je náročné vystačit s dechem,tam nejsou pauzy,nemá se kdy vydýchat, miláček, proto trochu znát na hlase, jak píšete. Navíc na svůj koncert musíte i přes indispozice, taky jí nemusí být dobře, to jen ještě ke kritickým komentářům.Já jsem šťastná, že jí vidím, slyším, přeju jí zdraví, navždy tak božskou kariéru, lásku, splnění snů,je to úžasná holka, milá, vtipná, nádherná a parádní zpěvačka!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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