Dua Lipa – iHeartRadio Music Festival, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV, USA (Sep 17, 2021) HDTV

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21 thoughts on “Dua Lipa – iHeartRadio Music Festival, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV, USA (Sep 17, 2021) HDTV

  1. Her outfit was too uncomfortable for her to dance, and yet it was torn on the stage, but she performed the performances in a strong and fatal way as if nothing had happened.

  2. cada que veo está presentación me pone triste pensar que pudo haber sido mejor que las anteriores pero tuvo problemas con el vestuario,que incomoda debió sentirse 😔

  3. Hands up if you’ve loved Dua from the get go, and have just loved watching her blossom and grow into the sensational performer she is today 💕 so excited to see her in Australia next year 😍

  4. Dua actually would rather just do her own thing on the stage. I rented Studio 2054 last year and watched it like 200 times! It was a massive success during the biggest world wide shut down ever! Go Dua we love you!

  5. I think she knows her vocals aren’t at the best point in this performance, but I also thing the only reason why her voice is a bit tired is because she’s been rehearing for tour so much. I think she’s just learning how to control her breath and voice through these kind of performances. She has a lot to focus on, and her entire album is very upbeat, so she’s gotta find a heathy balance between vocals and choreography so that she doesn’t wear herself out. I think she’s doing absolutely amazing though, and truthfully I think she’ll get better and better with every tour performance because she’ll get used and get a rhythm down on how to balance herself.

  6. Was awsome, dua lipa is an incredible artist!!! Was just a pitty the wardrobe malfunction, and she was quite losing her voice from Love Again… looks like the choreography is far way too hard for singing together (and maybe the temperature was too high…) .. but all this didn't jeopardize this great presentation from Dua… I image how hard it is been live after 1 year…

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