Drake Stans ARE FUMING OVER NBA Youngboy's No 1 Album

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48 thoughts on “Drake Stans ARE FUMING OVER NBA Youngboy's No 1 Album

  1. This is Drake's worst album and has no real hit songs as his Scorpion Album had. When your album has 88 features it seems like you're running on fumes at this point.

  2. I am a Youngboy fan and ngl I didn’t like this album and I would like to hear him switch his sound, but I mean, he’s in jail he can’t really do anything about it. Drake stans should just be happy CLB went number one for that long. Lowkey surprised the Lil Nas album didn’t pass Drake when CLB was 3 WEEKS OLD. Anyways I love both artists, and in my opinion neither of them had their best project this year. Anyways if anyone responds and disagrees and is mad about my opinion, calm yourself down and respond respectfully.

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